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[Nettime-nl] Ammouncement: Memories on the Social Web by Simeona Petkova

Reclaim the Mind, Friction Research Issue #4
Memories on the Social Web:
Dynamics of Individual and Cultural Memories on the Social Web Platforms

Simeona Petkova

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1987), situated Nictoglobe aims to promote new media art in a broader sense and chooses to serve a broad and global audience.

The "Friction Research" series, now in it's 4th edition, is a compendium of net/web/video/sound/text-pieces, received by publicly announcing a thematic "Call for Works". Our last thematic call stated:

"Reclaim the Mind"

Nictoglobe is not, was not and never will be submissive to organized financial or cultural censorship.

-- Andreas Maria Jacobs, Editor

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