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[Nettime-nl] Piet Zwart Institute zoekt afdelingsdocent Fine Art

Piet Zwart Institute
Seeks a new Course Director for the Master of Fine Art Programme

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Application deadline: September 12
Job starting from November 1, 2011
0,8 FTE, 32 hours


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The Piet Zwart Institute is the Master programme of the Willem de
Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University. It is an international centre
for postgraduate studies offering research programmes within the
fields of art, media design, and education. The Institute is founded
on an interest in the social, cultural, historical, and political
contexts in which these disciplines operate. Research through theory,
practice and interdisciplinary dialogue is core to shaping the

The Master of Fine Art Programme is uniquely positioned both within
the Institute and the professional field, distinguishing itself by
working with a renowned international team of tutors and guests, who
actively engage with topical subjects and innovative approaches to
contemporary art practice. As a two year English-taught Master, the
course provides an educational setting where artists can develop their
practice and research through independent studio work and lively
dialogue with artists, curators and theorists from a diversity of
disciplines such as art, theatre, literature, philosophy, cinema, and
others. Parallel to these activities, it has a rich history of public
programming, exhibitions and publications.

Candidate Profile:
We are looking for an enterprising and energetic individual with
strong management skills and a passion for art and education. The
candidate must possess a Master level graduate degree or above, and
show evidence of five years of professional achievement in the fields
of either art education, curatorial practice, art, or theory and
criticism. Knowledge of current developments within the field and
access to an international network of professionals is crucial. The
candidate needs to show a willingness to cooperate across larger
organisational structures and engage in running the Master of Fine Art
Programme on a daily basis with student needs in mind. He or she
should also possess competent writing skills in the English language
and show a willingness to learn basic Dutch.


Development of the Master of Fine Art curriculum, which expands upon
the Piet Zwart Institute activities and profile, reflects current
changes within the field of contemporary art and complies with
academic regulations
Maintaining of an inspiring work and learning environment for both
staff and students
Selection and coordination of staff and guest tutors and programming
of thematic projects
Planning and overseeing the annual budget
Execution of administrative tasks related to staff, quality assurance
and student affairs
Attendance and planning of staff meetings
Working closely with the Director and other Course Directors in the
development of the public programme at the Piet Zwart Institute
Teaching and guiding of assessments
Promotion of the programme on a national and international level
Creation and fostering of ties with partner institutions

Contract and wage scale are determined according to function,
training, and experience, and are drawn up in compliance with the CAO
guidelines (Collective Labor Agreement for Higher Education).  Payment
is based on scale 12 and can range from 3860,34 EUR to a maximum of
4964,68 EUR for fulltime employment. The postion is for 0,8 FTE (32hrs
a week).


Applicants should provide a cover letter elaborating upon educational
approach, leadership vision, and motivation, a curriculum vitae, if
applicable: documentation of practice (2-3 pages) and names and
contact information of two references.

Mail applications to:

Attn: Renée Turner
Director of the Piet Zwart Institute

Willem de Kooning Academy
P.O. Box 1272
3000 BG Rotterdam
The Netherlands

For courier deliveries:
Blaak 10
3011 TA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

For further enquires contact Renée Turner after August 22nd: d.r.turner@hr.nl

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