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[Nettime-nl] Progress... & from writing block to writing blog
Tjebbe van Tijen via Chello on Wed, 4 May 2011 07:05:51 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] Progress... & from writing block to writing blog

hi Jeffrey

next week I will see Leith Chan on May 12th.

I did get a kind of obscure email from William on May 2nd.

> Hi Tjebbe,
> How do you do ?
> I think I still owe you your panoramic viewer in AVIE. Are you leaving in summer ? I'd like to see if it would be possible for me to make it for you finally.
> -- 
> yours,
> William Wong

I did not yet answer him, as I wondered if knows about the commission for Leung. Also I have odd feelings reading this, as I remember that in the first week of February hurriedly something was tried by William, with obvious non-results... 

I leave it to your discretion to inform him.

Monday proved to be a PRC holiday to honour May First in HK... (where the 8 hour working day as proposed over a century ago on the Haymarket in Chicago, is far from something being implemented; the desk people at the YWCA have a 9 hour working day and the guards of CityU 12 hours!)

It made my for the first time since december write up a full article for my blog, after having a writing block for months...

Below you find an introduction and a link...

We should try to meet this week, please....

I just ha d a good news from Stephanie that her third application for support for her Phd study has been honoured, she did get a Fellowship form the Washington Memorial Holocaust Museum for four months, not the full thing, but very good for her after having experienced two refusals...

So some longer term planning needs to be done ...

Have a good trip


PS I have a meeting now this week with a possible Dragon Dance producer.


On May 2nd. I posted an article on my blog The Limping Messenger

"NATO’s Collateral Tyrannicide: will it bring Justice and Peace?"

That article was a somewhat hasty product and has now been overhauled, extended and better documented and illustrated

These are two citations; opening and closing statements.

> In antiquity the slaying of a tyrant was seen as an honourable act, a self sacrifice for the public cause, but the institutional execution of murder by international associations of states seems to be of another order. One can not pretend to uphold a state of international justice on the one hand and order summary execution without trial of misbehaving heads of state at the other, because who will be the judge of such decisions? The same reasoning does apply to the execution of those who are labeled as terrorists. What Gaddafi, Bin Laden and Assad have in common is that they have been declared in public opinion as public enemies and as such in the political practice of today they stand almost no change to be brought to court alive and face their judges. They are on the informal 'hit list' of legal representatives of state coalitions, designated to die violently. Will that serve the cause of justice and peace?


> Will peace be served by state lead tyrannicide and assassination? I do not think so. The way a regime is changed determines the next one to come.  There is now more than half a century of experience of how to apply international justice. The limitations of the victor courts of justice of Nuremberg and Tokyo after World War II have long been surpassed. The examples of national and international courts for Yugoslavia, Uganda, Cambodia, Sudan, Congo and so on point the way. The emphasis should be on the suppression of tyranny by the rule of law. 

The full version can be found at


Tjebbe van Tijen
Imaginary Museum Projects
Dramatizing Historical Information
web-blog: The Limping Messenger

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