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[Nettime-nl] Art & New Media Lecture/Performance door Esther Polak en Ivar van Bekkum

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Art & New Media

door Esther Polak en Ivar van Bekkum 
woensdag 20 april 2011, 20:15 uur
DOK  Vesteplein 100, Delft
Toegang gratis
>From landscape-painting, conceptual art and photography to Art & GPS (global positioning systems): Polak and Van Bekkum will show the audience in a participatory mapping performance and an unraveling lecture that the “old media” worlds are closely related in many ways.
Polak and Van Bekkum are known for their unique large scale GPS-mapping art projects including Amsterdam Realtime, MILKProject, NomadicMILK, Souvevir Zeeland and . They explore new visualizations and experiences of space using this technology and as an aside they poetically address the privacy issues involved in gathering location data in this era.

Ester Polak studied graphic art and mixed media. Ivar van Bekkum studied journalism and worked as (graphic) designer. Their work focuses on how technology determines (visual) perception and how technological art can function in an autonomous-art historical context.

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