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[Nettime-nl] [Nictoglobe Review] Rafael Prad, Luna Park & other video's

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Review by Arelis Eleftherios

Luna Park 2010

Rafael Prada's [Madrid, Spain, 1986] video "Luna Park" [2010] introduces us scenes of the 70âs porno film "Deep throat" [1972] with protagonist Linda Lovelace [Bronx, NY, USA, 10-1-1949 âDenver, Colorado, USA, 22-4-2002] and "Debbie does Dallas" [1971] withBambi Woods [Pierre, South Dacota, USA, 12-7-1955], covering it with squares.

The artist points out that technology has the ability to cover the sexual, naked truth and the erotic fantasies of the people on internet through chatting: Messenger, Facebook, Twitter...



Andreas Maria Jacobs

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