Koen Martens on Sat, 24 Apr 2010 11:54:36 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] post-ACTAlyps hacktivism and brainstorm session

With the imminent release of the final texts of the ACTA agreement
it is time to take a comb and go through the implications of the
contents, look at the consequences and changes the text entails for
us in person and society in general. We cordially invite hacktivists
to join us on may 1st, 15.00 hours at Revelation Space[1].

Subjects of discussion:
 - What is ACTA;
 - What can we do about it;
 - When filtering is mandatory, what to do and how to handle this;
 - How effective is filtering really, and can it be circumvented?
 - Can we work around the new restrictions introduced by the agreement?

In addition, there will be time for analysis of the text and informal

This workshop is facilitated and supported by several key players in
the field of ICT and society:
 - Bits of Freedom [2]
 - Vrijschrift [3]
 - HXX Foundation [4]

The location of this meetup is at Revelation Space in The Hague, NL. The
meetup is publicly accessible. Doors open at 14:00, start of the sessions
at 15:00. After the discussion, participants are free to join the party
and BBQ (weather permitting) that is planned for the evening[5].

 - Walter van Holst (Vrijschrift)
 - Ot van Daalen (BoF)

Revelation Space
Binckhorstlaan 172
2516 BG The Hague
The Netherlands

  [1] https://revspace.nl/
  [2] https://www.bof.nl/
  [3] https://wiki.vrijschrift.org/
  [4] http://hxxfoundation.nl/
  [5] https://foswiki.sonologic.nl/RevelationSpace/PartyMay2010

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