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Telcosystems & Martijn van Boven curated the Machine Improvisations exhibition. For the opening they invited some of the finest Dutch audiovisual performers to show their latest works live. Produced by Wood Street Galleries in collaboration with Sonic Acts.

Machine Improvisations brings together a body of work created by an international group of artists, musicians, designers and filmmakers who share a common interest in exploring unseen and unheard audiovisual territories. By means of hacking, coding and soldering, they built their own tools and instruments tailored to their specific needs and wishes. These tools allow complete freedom when interacting with the electronic signals and digital processes. In doing so, they have each created their own unique vocabulary of audiovisual expression and composition. The presented works are at times visually violent, sonically extreme and physically intimidating, but most of all they give intriguing insights into the machines and the omnipresent digital environments with which we interact on a daily basis.

The opening will take place on Friday 24 April 2009 at 19:30 hrs and also feature the world premiere of 12_Series, a new generative multichannel computer installation by Telcosystems.

Exhibition with works by Martijn van Boven, Karl Klomp, LUST, Meta, reMI, Billy Roisz, Synchronator, Telcosystems and TeZ.

Wood Street Galleries, 601 Wood Street, Pittsburgh
Machine Improvisations 24 April ? 20 June 2009

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