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[Nettime-nl] Emotional Architecture by Calin Dan in Heerlen

Emotional Architecture by Calin Dan

It is our pleasure to announce the inauguration of another episode in  
the on-going artistic research of Calin Dan - Emotional Architecture -  
at the Kunstencentrum SIGNE, in Heerlen. Organized around the new  
video  17.12.65, produced in commission from the municipality of  
Heerlen in 2008, the event consists of a series of (video)  
installations and a dinner conversation.

Titles that have been broadly circulated worldwide (like Sample City,  
Trip, sony/wmf/pp) will be presented in an site specific environment,  
with custom made photo wallpapers and furniture from the 1960s, all  
meant to revive in a critical way the circumstances to which the  
center piece 17.12.65 makes reference.

17.12.65 zaps in 10 minutes through the past of Heerlen, a small city  
from Southern Holland avoided by history until the late 19th century,  
when the discovery of coal started there a compressed industrial  
revolution. The revolution was lost some 60 years down the road to  
competition from cheaper import coal and natural gas. On 17.12.1965,  
the Dutch government announced the closing of the mining industry in  
the region. The date should be saved as the start of the globalization  
trend reshaping the world today. Decades of forced development were  
reversed in a few years. Heerlen became a shrinking city.

A project of KUS (Kunstencentrum SIGNE) and Handmilked Visions.
Opening Friday 13 February 19:00 hours.
Kunstencentrum SIGNE, Willemstraat 91a, 6412 AP Heerlen

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