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[Nettime-nl] Cinema Solubile in Groningen for the 100 years of the futurist manifesto

Thanks to Jan Klug and to the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen we  
have been able to organize for the 100 years of the Futurist Manifesto  
another edition of Cinema Solubile, our small temporary autonomous  
zone format for cinematic creativity next week.

The recourrence will be double, because it will also recur the 10th  
year anniversary of “UNOROSSO”, the improvisation poetry reading  
project kept up by Fausto Casara and Federico “il cane” since the  
1999, were it was put up for the futurist manifesto anniversary number  
90 in Rome (Italy).

The Event will be split, as usual, in two evenings.

For the first evening, the 10th of february,  the 11 makers will be  
introduced to our audience and to the futurist message.

You will be welcomed by the resident unorosso orchestra with sounds,  
historical recordings, poetical readings and a dynamic lecture by  
Federico “il cane” Bonelli about the importance of futurism in post  
tidal art-ecumenism of the XXIst century. At the end of the evening  
the makers will be asked to add in the hat of Marinetti their one- 
liner title or synopsis for a short futurist  film and after a  
sacrifice to the robotic muses of machine gods they will pick back  
their destiny from the hat and depart with their own task ahead.

In the second evening, the 11th of february, the short films will be  
presented to the audience and thereafter destroyed by the makers on  

The unorosso orchestra will stay available to the makers for eventual  
live sonorization of the films, to fill the gaps with creative sounds  
and to provoke the audience with more contemporary poetic terrorism.

the chosen location for the event is he RKZ bios in het Oude RKZ, in  
Emmastraat 15 in Groningen, and the entrance fee will be valid for  
both evenings

Be there!

for more informations check


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