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[Nettime-nl] WISE 30th anniversary

Dearest friends and colleagues,

Founded in the winter of 1978 WISE celebrates its 30th anniversary this
year. On February 3 we have a program in Amsterdam, with Hermann Scheer
as keynote speaker and many more. 

We will do much more this year; actions, debates and publications.

We hope you will help us. WISE is structurally under funded and hopes to
use its birthday party to find some new support.

We have three very concrete suggestions for help:

    * Money. It is always hard to ask for financial support. But be sure
      we need it and be sure we will use the money for a good cause; to
      bring an end to the nuclear era. We welcome every dollar and euro,
      (or any other currency!). There are several ways to (safely)
      transfer money, please see:
    * Subscribing to the Nuclear Monitor (or our special sponsoring
      scheme in which you pay but not get the Nuclear Monitor yourself.
      Instead it will be send to a grassroots organisation  (mostly in
      the global south) which can’t afford to pay the subscription fee)
      The Nuclear Monitor costs 100 euro’s for 20 issues for the paper
      version or 50 euro’s for 20 issues for the pdf. version.
    * A nice quote... we have several on our website already but we
      would very much appreciate more. Plse. send us a few lines with
      your congratulations!! We will put them on the site and use them
      for fund-raising purposes.

See for more information

Anyone in the Netherlands on the 3rd of February, plse. see the program


The WISE Amsterdam team

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