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[Nettime-nl] Band GNOT (A'dam) added to tuesday line-up at MS Stubnitz

Dear Subscribers,

for tomorrow's Chris Forsyth Gig we were able to book a nice support act
from Amsterdam: GNOT.

Tuesday, 20.01.2009 - 20:30 - 5?
Live: Chris Forsyth
Chris Forsyth?s music eludes easy categorization. He is a founding member
(along with Jaime Fennelly and Fritz Welch) of the iconoclastic group
Peeesseye, a transcontinental amalgam of minimalist rock, noise, folk,
drone, psych, improv, sound poetry, and absurdity that has produced seven
CDs, one 7-inch, over 145 concerts in Europe and the US, and untold blown
minds since forming in 2002.

Live: GNOT
GNOT was the result from the Amsterdam postpunkband Sex Flowers and
jugglarspeedmetalband 2x2 Minuten, two groups that already gained a lot of
attention on their own in the beginning of the nineties of the past
century. GNOT itself soon became one of the most remarkable acts of the
Dutch underground: hectic shows with psychedelic noise, jazz and funk
together with magical slide-projections, a life threatening whip-act,
dance, stand-up poetry, butoh, brainmachines and performances really shook
the audiences from Amsterdam till Berlin. After ten years of non-existence
and many solo-projects the three original members plus a new bass-player
joined forces (again), with the same result as before: a blend of
hypnotizing noise and psychedelic jazz and funk. Call it industrial blues,
metropolitan mash-up or psychedelic punk ? it?s all and it?s still GNOT.

See you aboard!

Andreas Gerdel
MS Stubnitz PR Coordinator

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