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[Nettime-nl] V2_ presents: Media Technology MSc exhibition

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V2_Institute for the Unstable Media presents:

*Media Technology MSc exhibition*

Six years of creative research

July 10th - 13th
July 17th - 20th
12:00 - 18:00

former Nederlands Fotomuseum
Witte de Withstraat 63, Rotterdam (NL)

http://www.v2.nl <http://www.v2.nl/>
http://mediatechnology.leiden.edu <http://mediatechnology.leiden.edu/>

*Six years of creative research *

The Media Technology MSc programme is a place where students are
encouraged to formulate their own scientific questions, and to translate
personal inspirations and curiosities into their own research projects.
To answer these questions, students are stimulated to create actual
installations and products because we are convinced that by doing and
creating, new scientific insights into the underlying question are

The exhibition is divided in three parts:
- Selected installations realised in the last six years. This is a
mixture of graduation works and other works that have been realised
during the study.
- Results from the current second semester project. Small groups of
students have been exploring different topics. This has lead to
statements that have been translated into exhibitable work.
- Hands-on laboratory. In the laboratory students will be working on
their own research that is already presentable to an audience.

The Media Technology programme is a joint initiative of Leiden
University’s computer science institute (LIACS) and the Faculty of
Creative and Performing Arts.

*July 10th - Opening day*

Lecture by Koert van Mensvoort
Koert van Mensvoort is both a scientist and an artist. He will use his
own work and fascinations as starting point to reflect on Media
Technology. Koert is intrigued by ‘Next Nature’. Next Nature is
culturally emerged nature.

Opening of the exhibition by Alex Adriaansens (director of V2_)

*Test_Lab: Happiness*

Next to the exhibition V2_ organises Test_Lab: Happiness. This Test_Lab
will showcase a selection of 2008's most outstanding graduation projects
from some of the finest European art academies and universities. Prepare
for an evening full of electronic artworks, peace, love, and happiness!

*July 12th - Graduation presentations*

Four graduation projects will be presented:
14:00-14:45 Alex Reuneker: the influence of interactivity on immersion
in literature
14:45-15:30 Sylvain Vriens: surveillance: the new urban religion /
defining reality
15:30-16:15 Erik Hekman / Michiel Stade: continuous physical prototyping
in generative design: a LEGO-based architecture approach
16:15-17:00 Elena Gavrielidou: spatial navigation and women
The presentations are public and open for anyone that is interested to

*July 17th - TOKO Workshop*

TOKO workshops are about technical topics in the field of art, design
and technology. Get inspiration or technical help from all the
participants for your own creative projects. Each workshop speakers are
being invited to share their knowledge and experiences. This 5th TOKO
will be about RFID, radio-frequency identification. Confirmed speakers
for this session are: Iris Douma and Leo van der Veen (http://nr37.nl
<http://nr37.nl/>). More will be announced at http://dewar.nl/toko. The
workshop is open for everyone. Please send an email to toko@dewar.nl
<mailto:toko@dewar.nl> to register for free and get more information.

*July 19th - Masterclass Creative Research*

There must be more room for creativity and unconventional ideas in
scientific research. Only through dealing creatively with research
itself can we achieve results that could otherwise not be envisioned,
and can science remain groundbreaking. Just as in the Dutch concept of
autonomous artists, there should be free-thinking and creative
scientists - autonomous scientists.
This idea is central in the Media Technology MSc programme of Leiden
University. In the masterclass this creative research concept is
presented - with many examples - and is much room for discussion. Some
examples and results of unconventional scientific research are presented
as installations in the exposition.
The masterclass is taught by Maarten Lamers and Bas Haring (Leiden
University, Media Technology MSc programme) and is part of the six years
creative research exposition presented by the V2_Institute for the
Unstable Media.
The masterclass is free and open for anyone that is interested to
attend. It's advised to register at

For complete project descriptions please go to: www.v2.nl

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