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[Nettime-nl] Publication ' Highrise- Common Ground. Art and the Amsterdam Zuidas Area '

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Book presentation/
Opening Exhibition
Friday 23rd of May 2008
4 pm
Entrance hall Ito Building
Gustav Mahlerplein 50

Book presentation
Jeroen Boomgaard (ed), Highrise- Common Ground. Art and the Amsterdam  
Zuidas Area.
The publication will be presented to the Alderwoman Carolien Gehrels.

The Professorship for Art and Public Space proudly presents
Highrise - Common Ground. Art and the Amsterdam Zuidas Area, a  
kaleidoscopic publication that examines the role of art in public  
space and its possible significance. The book questions the  
relationship of urban planning, art and design with the public  
domain, exemplified by the recent developments in the Zuidas Area in  
Highrise – Common Ground critically reflects on the crucial issues  
that come to light when applying art in this particular context.

Paul Toornend and Jelle Post

Untitled_Space is a series of photo collages, which are part of a  
visual research on the Zuidas area by Paul Toornend and Jelle Post.  
The artworks of Untitled_Space focus on the relationship between  
architecture and its surrounding and the position of the viewer in  
this context.
The photographs are digital collages of virtual spaces, which again  
are projected on pictures of already existing spaces at the Zuidas.  
The outcome is a collection of photomontages that generate a complex  
space of transparency and reflection and by doing so keep the  
viewer’s gaze continuously in motion. In this way a tension is  
created between the surface and its reflection, between the  
virtuality of abstract spaces and the realism of the documentation.  
In this way, Untitled_Space not only shows the relational aspect of  
architecture, but also visualizes a part of the Zuidas’s character.

Untitled_Space and Highrise – Common Ground are produced by the  
Professorship for Art and Public Space of the Gerrit Rietveld  
Academie and are kindly supported by the Universiteit van Amsterdam,  
the Virtual Museum Zuidas and the Foundation for Art and Public Space  
( SKOR).
Highrise- Common Ground is published by Valiz and can be ordered on  
their website
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