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[Nettime-nl] UvA MA presentaties in de Waag: Visualizing the Network (21 mei 17.00)

Visualizing the Network

New ways to visualize - and to visually navigate through - surprising
information from online social networks, and through sets of images:
UvA and MaHKU proudly present seven innovative visualization projects.

Graphic designers (Utrecht Graduate School of Art and Design), media
analysts, and technical developers (University of Amsterdam) - in
total more than 40 MA students - have been working together in
multidisciplinary teams to develop these seven interactive
visualization projects that will be demonstrated.

Date: Wednesday 21 May 2008
Time: 17:00 - 19:00 o'clock
Location: De Waag, Theatrum Anatomicum, Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam,
Entrance: Free

This event is organized by MA Information Sciences (UvA), MA New Media
(UvA), and MA Editorial Design (MaHKU), in collaboration with Lipika

Supported by: De Waag Society & Media Guild & MultimediaN.

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