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[Nettime-nl] Share the Wealth / save fuck the music industry

Free & Pod-Friendly:

Beluga Recordings are proud to announce the release of the album:

'HUCKING FELL' by HongKongGeorge

Here at Beluga Recordings we don't feel that there are too many DJs -  
on the contrary - we feel that there should be more like  
HongKongGeorge. With the release of this mash-up masterpiece  
(mashterpiece?) 'Hucking Fell', HongKongGeorge grabs you by the hair  
and drags you into his cave of plunderphonics where your imagination  
is given a massage by an 8 foot transexual gorilla called Dave. You  
see what we're saying ? Have a listen ..

Download it now Free & Pod-Friendly from:

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Share the Wealth

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