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[Nettime-nl] STRP call for project for Live Cinema & Video Art (TROMP FESTIVAL)

In November 2008 the STRP festival will play along with the
<> Tromp International Music
<>  Competition and Festival. This
years theme of the music biennale will be Four and More referring to the
'expanding string quartet'; from a literal expansion in persons to
out-of-the-box flirtation with different art forms and extraordinary
performance and music styles. 


STRP wants to contribute to the TROMP festival with live cinema or video
art projects that refer to the theme Four and More. We are looking for
fresh and innovative work that shows the possibilities of combining
sound and image by using new technologies.

STRP invites live cinema and video artists to do a proposal, by filling
in the application form. The best projects will be selected whereupon
funding will be raised by the TROMP and STRP organisation.


Download application form for more info and to apply at <> 




Vriendelijke groet,

Bente Bollmann


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