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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Concert: Phil Minton/Axel Dörner/Thomas Lehn, Clare Cooper/Clayton Thomas/Jean-Philippe Gross and Daniel Schorno

STEIM presents a night of sticky stinging electro-acoustic sound

TOOT - Phil Minton (UK) + Axel DÃrner (DE) + Thomas Lehn (DE)
Clare Cooper (AU/DE) + Clayton Thomas (AU/DE) + Jean-Philippe Gross(FR)
Daniel Schorno (NL/CH)

Date: Thursday, November 29
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs.
Entrance: 5 euros
Reservations and more information: or 020-6228690

We are very thrilled to have an exciting line up that represent the lineage and development of todays improvised electro-acoustic music. With three generations of important performers from the scene, we expect to witness extended techniques in voice, trumpet, harp and bass paired with distinct textures of both analog and digital electronics. Please join us for this ear-opening evening at STEIM.


flyer design by Clare Cooper

Voice legend Phil Minton is joined with two of the most in-demand German improvisers from one generation younger, Axel DÃrner - Trumpet and Thomas Lehn - analogue synthesizer.
Axel DÃrner, born 1964, began his musical career with the piano before he switched to the trumpet at the beginning of the 90's. Since then he has become one of the most prolific players in Germany, involved in an immense number of different projects.
With a background as an interpreting and improvising pianist, Thomas Lehn has worked in the field of live electronic music using analogue synthesizers since the late 60s. The analogue equipment allows him to directly access the elements of the electronic sound synthesis with extreme spontaneity.
Phil Minton began his artistic career first as trumpeter during the middle of the 60's in the orchestra of Mike Westbrook. Soon after this he shifted his focus to voice and became one of the most expressional vocalists of the European improvised music scene.
Nearly inaudible music streams through their real time-composed textures. Air breaths out of a DÃrner's trumpet without forming a tone. Stridulatory, groaning, hissing, howling, bubbling sounds emerge from Minton's sometimes imitating Lehn's pulsing electronic tones. Their sounds merge into one another, occasionally developing rhythms that quickly disappear environment. The poetry of this music lies in its fragility.

Further information, biographies:
Phil Minton
Axel DÃrner
Thomas Lehn

Daniel Schorno
DANIEL SCHORNO traces his musical roots to an early appetite for instrument hacking and the experimental avant-guard alike and has dwelled in the outer reaches of electro-instrumental 'interactivism', with its electronic discharge of clangor, for well over a decade and a quarter.
Much of this time has been spent with travel, concerts and workshops for STEIM and collaboration projects like Noughts, DEI, KAIROS and the New Media Pocket Opera, and have lead as far afield as Iceland, Moscow, Shanghai, Johannesburg's Soweto, the street kids & artists of Guatemala City, as well as all over Europe.
"Zitegeist Desert - crackle Scorpio encounter" is a new solo project, inspired by the experience of playing an extended version of Michel Waisvisz's 'crackle box', in the Sahara desert.

Gross/Cooper/Thomas Trio
Gross/Cooper/Thomas build towers of sound with sticks, long strings and electricity. Each of these three improvisers have played around the world, pursuing collaborations with musicians that push their understanding of what music is. Jean-Philippeâs lush background in noise/rock, Clareâs classical string stretching and electronic- sounding-acoustic language, and Claytonâs duty to balls-to-the-wall free-jazz suggest a high volume, high frequency energy â that said, thereâs a chance that they will dig no further than the fine sweet details of static on their respective axes.

Jean-Philippe Gross
Born in 1979, lives and works in Metz (France). Before turning to electronics he played drums in different rock bands. Since â98 he plays improvised electronics with a mixing board, cheap microphones, radio, small speakers and analog synth. His work is primarily focused on feedback. He is collaborating with various musicians from around the world, among them Will Guthrie, Ferran Fages, Arnaud RiviÃre, Xavier Charles, AgnÃs Palier, Jean-Luc Guionnet. He is also a member of power free noise band Maelstrom with Arnaud Paquotte and Michel Oury. He has also played with John Hegre, Silent Block, Norbert Moeslang, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Utah Kawasaki, Kazushige Kinoshita, Katsura Mouri, Stephane Rives, Frederic Blondy, Jack Wright, Jean- Marc Montera and more.
More about Jean-Philippe Gross:

Clayton Thomas is a killer double bassist from Australia. His sound palette (and table of dangerous looking preparations â long metal sheets, mallets, license plate, styrofoam) never seems cease growing and allows him a kind of unlimited attack territory. In a recent weekend in Berlin he managed to perform duets with Peter BrÃtzmann, Paul Lovens, Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson.
Drawing just as much from Public Enemy as Albert Ayler, he has been inspired by collaborations with many great musicians, including Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Marilyn Crispell, Jon Rose, Makigami Koichi, Jim Denley, Peter Kowald, Wilber Morris, Henry Grimes and Jeff Henderson. With Clare Cooper, Clayton started the NOW now festival of Spontaneous music in Sydney as well as the Splinter Orchestra (25 piece improvising ensemble).
More about Clayton Thomas

Australian harpist and digital media artist Clare Cooper is interested in unlikely pairings, machines, and âopenâ listening experiences. Her music focuses primarily on acoustic player-powered mechanical percussion and electronic soundworlds on her two chosen string instruments: the pedal Harp and Chinese string instrument - the âGuzhengâ. Her main projects are a sci-fi study of DX7/Guzheng duets, âGERMâ with Chris Abrahams, and âHammeriverâ a 7 piece electro-acoustic ensemble exploring the music of Alice Coltrane. She is currently based in Berlin.
More about Clare Cooper + clarela

This concert series is partly funded by Gemeente Amsterdam.

More information on concerts:

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