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[Nettime-nl] IAFF/MAFIAfest, Amsterdam, November 8-11

We have the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the  
International Amsterdam Film Festival/MAFIAfest 
Friday November 9, 7 pm at De Balie, Amsterdam
with the fireworks performance by Carlos Llavata Gascón
Followed by the premiere screening of FAY GRIM by Hal Hartley
(present for Q&A)
You do not need tickets for the performance but for Fay Grim you need to reserve tickets through www.debalie.nl 
This year’s theme is Engaged & Rebellious. Can we still find rebels that pursue freedom of expression in the arts, no matter what? Find out at  
IAFF/MAFIAfest from 8 till 11 November at De Balie, Paradiso, Sugar Factory and Bitterzoet 
Check www.iaff.nl for all info 
Engaged & Rebellious (feature film program) :  17 daring features with 10 premieres from engaged & rebellious directors
Spot on Artist: Andreas Johnsen independent filmmaking for the new millennium, urgent &  cutting-edge 
Nightbreakers: a long night with four cutting edge& confronting films 
Sneak preview*****: a five star sneak preview from a superstar engaged & rebellious American filmmaker 
Mumblecore: the latest American indie wave, with the special screening of Aaron Katz's instant micro budget Quiet City (director present for Q&A)
Worldwide Shuffle 1 + 2: a staggering mix of the best shorts around the world 
The Dutch Mix: exciting best-of compilation of recent short films and videos made in NL 
8*ONE preview: eight directors, one minute and their vision on the Millennium Goals 
OneDotZero: authentically visionary collisions in the world of moving images 
High art meets street culture: art installations, live performances and interventions by Aukje Dekker, BOBAN - Slobodan Bajic, Bojana Panevska, Carlos Llavata Gascon, EXTRAPOOL presents Optical Machines and Feedbacksociety, Franco Angeloni, Iva Supic, Kinematix, Meiro Koizumi, NO NEW ENEMIES & Two Things, OneMinute Jukebox, Reza Tahami, Rogier Roeters, Sjoerd Oudman, and www.vbs.tv
Tea & Talks: presentations and meetings between creative industry& artists 
OneMinutes Workshop: workshop for oneminutesvirgins
PERSONAL=POLITICAL/REDUX: film program compiled by Sandberg Institute with the 'personal is political' as guideline 
VJs, DJ's & bands: for tail-shaking and ear-teasing sounds & images
Thursday, November 8 : Sugar Factory
10 pm - PRE-PARTY with video clips, VJ Lemonade, Heidi Happy. After midnight the party gets wicked with Ille Bitch, Steven de Peven and Vreemd’s special guest from Chicago Billy Dalessandro. Since we’re in a party mood as well, we’ll give the first twenty visitors a free IAFF/MAFIA goodiebag! Be there at 10 pm! 
Friday, November 9 : De Balie
7 pm - The opening of the festival with Carlos Llavata Gascon's fireworks, Franco Angeloni's Super Genetic Market, alternative TV in the www.vbs.tv living room, instalations by Aukje Dekker, BOBAN, OneMinute Jukebox, Reza Tahami, Rogier Roeters, Sjoerd Oudman, and Iva Supic's art fanzine
8 pm - premierre of Hal Hartley's Fay Grim
Saturday, November 10: De Balie
4pm - 6 am: film program
10 pm - performances and a party to keep you awake for the movies:
            Extrapool presents Live Cinema: Optical Machines and Feedbacksociety
            plus a performance by Bojana Panevska   

Sunday, November 11: De Balie 
3-10 pm - Peter Watkins' La Commune: a whole-day session with the makers of this unique and legendary film

Paradiso, Grote zaal, 8pm - 2 am:
OneMinutes Prize
PERSONAL = POLITICAL / REDUX: program of breath-taking Dutch short films by Stefanie Seibold, Kurt Kren, Natascha Hagenbeek , Melanie Shatzky & Brian Cassidy , Bruce Baillie, Sabine Mooibroek , Nathalie Djurberg and Kimberly Clark  
Kinematix' new performance Don't touch my Chrystal dream! continues into a closing party 
IAFF/MAFIAfest is organized by D Nerve Lab
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