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[Nettime-nl] Agora Phobia (digitalis) in the week of November 2

Agora Phobia (digitalis)

Karen Lancel en Hermen Maat,

Invitation on 2 locations:

Volkskrant Oog, www.volkskrant.nl/oog
October 29  – November  4

2 november close to the place where Theo van Gogh was killed in 2004:
between 13.00 - 18.00 hours:
CBK Amsterdam, derde oosterparkstraat 201, Amsterdam
t: 020 668 1753, www.cbkamsterdam.nl

what is a safe place for you?
how would you describe an 'unsafe place'?
when and where do you feel isolated?
how do you control your space?

Agora Phobia (digitalis) is a interactive, mobile monument for ‘unsafety and isolation’ of Karen Lancel een Hermen Maat.
This mobile monument is a communication space including an inflatable Isolation Pillar and website www.agora-phobia-digitalis.org.
Traveling in crowded city public spaces of New York, Paris, Helsinki, Berlin, Lancel and Maat research with this monument mental images and strategies for being (un)safe and isolated; connecting social experiences in the physical and virtual space.

Agora Phobia (digitalis) invites you in a semi-transparent, inflatable Isolation Pillar.
Inside the Isolation Pillar one feels safe; and at the same time, lacking control over the outside, one feels vulnerable. In the Isolation Pillar is an online computer. You are invited to chat with someone who lives isolated somewhere else, like with someone who has been living in prison, someone who lives in a cloister, someone living illegally in the city, a digi-persona, someone suffering from agoraphobia.
Your participation in the chat will be published on www.agora-phobia-digitalis.org; which also offers the opportunity to participate at home by monologue.
Come to Agora Phobia (digitalis) in CBK Amsterdam on November 2; or react this week on the website.

Kom naar CBK Amsterdam Karen Lancel Oosterse kade 2 1011LH Amsterdam Netherlands http://www.lancelmaat.nl
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