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[Nettime-nl] Complete music programme STRP Festival now known

Complete music programme STRP Festival now known 


By contracting a large number of artists, we have now finalized the music programme of the STRP Festival taking place from November 22 through November 25 in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. As we announced earlier, we have contracted The Chemical Brothers for the opening concert. Among the other leading STRP performers is former Moloko singer Róisín Murphy.  Presenting a four-day multidisciplinary programme with robotics, music, visuals, and interactive art, STRP is one of the largest art & technology festivals in Europe. We will announce the complete (art) programme in the beginning of October. Meanwhile the advance ticket sales have started. 


STRP shows during the day an extensive exhibition in which the participation and experience of the audience take centre stage: visitors have a great influence on the effects of the art works. Much attention is also paid to live cinema, performances, video art, talks, a film programme, and workshops. In addition to the day programme, the STRP Festival also offers a rich evening and night programme containing performances by leading international top performers, and projects of a more experimental nature.  An international top act in the world of electronic bands, festival-opening band The Chemical Brothers does not need any explanation. They are famous for their music but also for their spectacular performance. They come to the Klokgebouw with no less than three trucks full of high-tech equipment.  


On Friday, the stage is for Róisín Murphy, another crowd puller of the festival. The former Moloko singer, whose forthcoming concerts in Brussels and London were sold out well in advance, also appears on MTV regularly. Her new album 'Overpowered' will be released on October 15. For the rest, Friday will mainly be dedicated to Radio Soulwax, with performances by popular acts such as 2 Many DJ's, Soulwax Niteversions, Goose (DJ-set), Mr Oizo, Joost van Bellen, Modeselektor (live), and Sebastian.


Saturday is more techno-oriented with names such as Dave Clarke, Monolake, Speedy J, and Daniel Bell. An asset for the programme is undoubtedly Apparat & Band, which contributed a convincing live set to Lowlands, with some crossover to rock. The hip Dane Trentemøller - performing at practically every large European festival past summer - will also travel to Eindhoven with his live band.  Other performers at the STRP Festival are 2000 and One, and Bart Skils, both from the Netherlands. Skils has together with Anton Pieete a new live act under the name of District One. STRP also seeks out the experiment in electronic music. The Canadian DJ Akufen and VJ Gabriel Countu-Dumont form together 5MM. Their performance is an audiovisual gem of deep soundscapes and alienating projections.  


The opening concert by The Chemical Brothers takes place on Thursday 22 November. On Friday and Saturday, the music programme starts at 20.00 in the evening and lasts until 06.00 in the morning. Stage presentation is a very important quality in the STRP Festival. Therefore, there is in our programme hardly any room for dull laptop live acts in which the performer seems to be checking his e-mail; we present mainly dynamic acts in which stage performance plays a major part.    


The STRP Festival has been made possible by:

Main sponsors: Eindhoven Leading in Technology, Trudo

Sponsors: NXP (founded by Philips), Imtech, ASML, High Tech Campus, Brainport, City Dynamiek, Vestide, Park Strijp Beheer, Fontys, MINI Eindhoven/Venlo, PreVision, Eindhovens Dagblad, Bronsveld & De Gier, Lasso, Zinder

Foundations / subsidizers: VSB Fonds, Mondriaan Stichting, FPPM, BNG Cultuurfonds, Prins Berhard Cultuurfonds, Thuis Kopie Fonds, Provincie Noord Brabant, SRE, Gemeente Eindhoven, NBKS, BraM, Bisk

Media partners: 3FM, DE:BUG, DJBroadcast, 3voor12, Kink FM, Digicult, LiveXS, Bright, CityDogs, Kijk, Gonzo Circus, CultureTV, Radio Decibel


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