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[Nettime-nl] V2_ANNOUNCEMENT | AudioCubes Workshop


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*AudioCubes Workshop*

* *
*Explore a new way of physically controlling, creating, and manipulating sound* *& music*
* *
*16/17/18 October 2007*, 10:00-18:00
Including a performance during /Test_Lab: Audio_Objects/ on the evening of 18 October, 20:00
Location: V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, Eendrachsstraat 10, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

*To introduce audio performers with an exciting new type of physical audio interface known as AudioCubes (see for more info on AudioCubes), a three-day hands-on workshop will be held during the days succeeding /Test_Lab: Audio_Objects/. The workshop will be led by audio performer Kim Cascone and the inventor of AudioCubes, Bert Schiettecatte, and will result in an AudioCubes performance by the workshop participants during /Test_Lab: Audio_Objects/. *

The first day of the workshop will be spent learning how to set up the AudioCubes for either control or audio, interfacing them with existing software, and learning how to incorporate the tactile user interface into the participant's repertoire.During the second day, the workshop participants will craft the framework for a new sound piece. On the third day they will rehearse the piece, work out bugs, develop a presentation, and perform during /Test_Lab: Audio_Objects/ (also featuring Gijs Gieskes, Michel Waisvisz, Edwin van der Heijden, Brigit Lichtenegger and Annabeth Robinson (as AngryBeth Shortbread)).

Apply for registration by emailing a brief description of your background to Michel van Dartel ( before the 6th of October. Workshop fee: students 80 EUR / professionals 110 EUR (includes lunch on all workshop days). V2_ will provide the required audio equipment, but participants should bring their own laptops.

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