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[Nettime-nl] DDdW.org newsletter 09/2007


#DDdW expo @ P///AKT, Amsterdam
#MediumGallery expo Noorderlicht: Saskia Koops; Nader Bekeken
#new site!

       Pearl in White Cube  		

from 15/09/07 - 07/10/07 @     P///AKT

Yes, I'm going to hide a 1000 euro worth pearl in the WhiteCube of
P///AKT, the finder may keep the pearl.

This work is featured it the groupshow 'Whitecube' with:
Karina Bisch, Steve Van den Bosch, Hendrik-Jan Hunneman, Michiel
Kluiters, Daniël Dennis de Wit

Opening: Saturday, 15 september @ 20:00 uur (-24:00),

P///AKT is open Thursday-Sunday from 14:00-18:00 .

more info: see map on website>>artist>>shows>>current

Labels: artshow, money, pearl, perception, public, secret, whitecube
       MediumGallery: Saskia Koops; 'Nader bekeken'  		

*14  September - 28 October 28
*Opening: Friday 14th of July 20:00
@MediumGallery Groningen, menadostraat 37B

De MediumGallery was asked to participate in the Noorderlicht photo exhibition.

The MediumGallery found the approach which Saskia Koops uses very
interesting. She surveys (exhibition)spaces very thouroughly with her
camera. Exploring and registering every small detail of it's surfaces
as if they where scars of the past. She tries to unravel the secrets
the space has produced over the years.

The MediumGallery is an art-initiative located in the staircase of a
social-housing unit in the North of the Netherlands, founded in 2005.
Although it resembles a standard white cube, it's not quite a
rectangular one. Invited artists will have to deal with numerous
problems concerning around how to display and make works for the
MediumGallery. This partly because the organization of the
MediumGallery asks of invited artists to realize a context-dependant

Labels: artshow, curating, MediumGallery, Photography


       DitisDit.com @ the Hague railstation  		
           One of my old TV-photo's got selected by DitisDit.com. In
September/Oktober it will hang somewhere in a railway-station in the
Hague. (we'll keep you updated when & where exactly)

Labels: advertising, humor, public space, tv

       danieldennisdewit.com becomes DDdW.org  		
           Finally a new site! Why a new site? This site is easier to
update for me. And the information about all my activities is easier
for you to see into.

Why a .org domain some people ask me?
Because I'm an organisation of cells :)

In this log I'll keep you posted with new updates.
You can now also subscribe for my mailinglist to get info on mayor
updates (new shows/new articles/new works).

Some parts of this site are still under construction because of it's
huge and complex structure.
Just look under the 'links' section for an example:
>>general information>>links>>


click and drag in 'vacant space' for fast navigation
click on red arrow to open link/file
use scrollwheel on your mouse to zoom
in the topleft corner there is a map overview and searchbar (nicely tucked away)

Labels: mailinglist, sitenews

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