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[Nettime-nl] fwd: open radio feest

[alleen in engels ontvangen, JB]

Vrijdag 7 september

Open Radio's Coming-out Benefit Party!

Open is about to become a new platform for independent radio makers, musicians, artists and media activists. You set the program as you upload your own radio-shows, newsflashes and music. It breaks with the traditional concepts of radio and turns ones room into a studio; it breaks with conventional music industry either into a potential studio or into the studio and promotes copyleft music; it breaks with the norms of the media landscape and places the voice of the people above the interests of media corporations. Open radio defies the unidirectional flow of information and enables you, enables one to not just to not just listen to, but be the radio. (try now: To celebrate it's fresh existence and cover startup costs we, in kind cooperation with Simuze, presents the following bands playing:


They call themselves a 4piece D.I.Y Punk/Hardcore band with a clear Anarcho message and strong music. They hate copyright. http://


The band that makes expensive, unhealthy energy drinks and powerpills irrelevant. Take your daily dose of neWax and your youth will come running back to you! The solid mix of ska, wave, heavy rock, and powerpop is the ideal way to lose some weight and enjoy some brain- stimulating entertainment at the same time. Copyleft music on its finest!


taking danceable reggae as a basis, they mix other Caribbean influences in, such as dancehall, dub and ska. Western influences as pop, rock and funk also find their way into the unique mix of Ad-lib. For their energetically stage performance they even won a price already, so standing still is impossible!


Makes electro-OI. His 386-laptop makes a beat when he plays the amiga500-guitar. He covers songs of old straight-edge heroes and expresses his thoughts with robot voices. He explains his computers and plays hand-picked samples from language course records. He surprises his audience and makes them smile. He is more a shy boy, than a rock star. He doesn't care about copyright. http://no-

€ 5,- Doors open 21.00

amstelveenseweg 134
1075XL Amsterdam

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