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[Nettime-nl] FW: Reminder - Sensuous Knowledge conference




Van: Sensuous Knowledge [mailto:sensuous.knowledge@khib.no] 
Verzonden: dinsdag 4 september 2007 9:36
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Onderwerp: Reminder - Sensuous Knowledge conference


Dear Sir/Madame


Deadline for registration to the Sensuous Knowledge conference is 14
September 2007!


(If you already have registered or you are presenting a paper, then this
reminder can be ignored).


Sensuous Knowledge is an international working conference on fundamental
problems of artistic research and development which takes place at
Solstrand, Norway, on 7 ? 9 November 2007.


 <http://www.sensuousknowledge.org> www.sensuousknowledge.org


Best regards

Kari Håland




Sensuous Knowledge

Context, Concept, Creativity

Solstrand, Norway

Nov 7 - 9   2007



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