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[Nettime-nl] Call for Participation:global remake of Vertov's Man With A Movie Camera

2008: Man With a Movie Camera is a global remake of Vertov's 1929 film
(Man With A Movie Camera) using the web to archive, sequence and deliver
submissions to the Big Screen Manchester UK on October 11 with more public
venues in the UK through 2008. The website at has a
scene index and every shot of Vertov's film is logged, with an intro to
the project. The scene index and shot list are there for reference : this
doesn't have to be  a copy, it can be a 21st century version inspired by
the original.   However the timing is important. So, if you choose a scene
that's 46 seconds long it should be in the general area of 46 seconds, the
particular shots within that scene are however you decide to make them.

1.) Please log onto the website and see what might interest you to  shoot
(scenes or shots) or what footage you might have that will fit.
2.) Please forward the info.
Upload will begin in August. At time of upload there will be slots   for
your name, city, country, url if you have one. No titles please   on the
footage you submit as it will stream as a film. All
submissions will be credited and will appear on all publicity.

Project website
Big Screen Manchester

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