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[Nettime-nl] Synch Festival 2007

The Athens Festival presents:

JULY 22, 23, 24

(100 Peiraios Str., Gazi, Athens)

After three successful years at the Lavrio
Technological and Science Park, Synch returns for its
fourth edition at the Technopolis of the City of
Athens, as part of the Hellenic Festival 2007.
Synch is a festival that has been established for the
booking of international artists that appear for the
first time in Greece, presents the audience with
innovating artists from around the world, provides
Greek producers with a platform for expression and at
the same time explores the new trends and techniques
in the field of moving image and new media.

Opening time: 17:30 ? 03:00 
Tickets: 45? (at the door), 20? (student ticket)
Presale: 35? (one-day ticket), 50? (two-day ticket),
70? (three-day ticket)

Synch?s 4th edition proudly presents a multi-culture
event featuring some of the most innovative artists of
our days (Múm, !!!, Fischerspooner) along with those
artists who made history (Front 242, Bill Laswell). As
always, Synch is exploring the limits in sound through
artists such as FM3, Signal, Francisco López, AGF to
name but a few and at the same time is giving space to
the new dance forms with Wighnomy Brothers, Onur Özer,
Château Flight, Thomas Brinkmann, Prins Thomas, Beppe
Loda among many others. Although Synch is living
inside the digital world, keeps alive the power of a
live band (Blend Sextet, Bugge Wesseltoft feat. The
Mungolian Jetset, Cayetano, Loka) or the power of the
human voice (Bauchklang). Last but not least, Synch
presents showcases from infamous international labels,
Mutek, Max Ernst (celebrating 10 creative and
successful years) and two of the most promising Greek
labels, Poeta Negra and Low Impedance.  
Full Line Up: 


The  ?Invisible Systems? exhibition presents artists
and initiatives that interpret the incorporation of
new media strategies into other fields of culture and
reflect this in its concepts, content or form. The New
Media programme of Synch 2007 will show a broad
spectrum of works that investigate into different
phenomena, translate them into components and
synthesize these towards an embracing experience. 

?	Daan Roosegaarde (NL) explores in his interactive
work the dynamics between new media, architecture and
the audience. In Synch, he will present his ?Dune 4.1?
?	Nathalie Bruys (NL) is specialized in sound art her
works covers a broad range including music, radio,
performances and installations. She will present a
site-specific sound installation 
?	Floris Kaayk (NL) blends computer-generated images
with live action video into animated short films with
a fictious twist. He will present us two of his works:
?Metalosis Maligna? and ?Order Electrus?. 
?	Andreas Templin (DE) works with different kind of
media, critically questioning the relation between
art, popular culture and the power relations of
globalisation. An installation and a projection
constitute his contribution to this year?s Synch
Festival. The works are entitled ?Top Ten? and
?Sympathy For The Devil?.
?	Donna Conlon?s (PA) points of departure are objects
of the everyday life, that are used to reveal
idiosyncrasies of human nature and contradictions of
contemporary lifestyle. Donna will exhibit her  work
?	The work of Guy van Belle & Gerts Aertsen who form
the project (BE) is mainly abstract,
real-time orientated and algorithmic, distancing
itself from the known parameters of production and
reception. They will present the interactive sound
installation ?The Last Balloon Show?. 
?	Anna Tsouloufi (GR) intends to create a space for
dialogue by observing and collecting what would
otherwise stay unnoticed to the common eye. In Synch
she will present a ?sculptural? installation entitled
?Nova Vestis Deae?. 
?	Dimitris Foutris (GR) is influenced by music and
youth culture and translates this into a broad range
of works including performances and installations.
Dimitris Foutris is also the artistic director of online art radio. He will exhibit
the sound installation ?The Visual Stimulation,
Emptied Of Its Original Meaning, Leading Surprisingly
>From A Dark Collapsed Sadness To A Perfect Bright
?	The One Minutes Foundation (NL) promotes the
production and dissemination of one minute videos. The
initiative began in 1998 in the The Netherlands and
developed into a mini world-wide movement with
participants from about eighty world countries,
organizing festivals, exhibitions, awards, broadcasts
and workshops on a global scale. 
In 2008 The One Minutes Foundation will host the ?
2008 One Minutes? at the Beijing Today Art Museum,
where a hundred countries will show their One Minute ?
videos. It is the cultural equivalence of the Olympic
Games, and the motto is : participating is more
important than winning. 

Invisible Systems is curated by Alexandra Landre and
Antonis Pittas.

Moving Image: Digital Cinema, is focused on
contemporary cinematic production that uses computer
animation (CGI Computer Generated Imaging) and special
effects (VFX-Visual Effects). The program is divided
in two main chapters: The first involves the
presentation of short films, animation and
experimental films, while the second will showcase
productions with commercial character like
advertisements, VFX artists? showreels, and music
videos. Last but not least, an important section of
the programme is comprised of three presentations that
will be conducted by Australian VFX supervisor Tim
Baier and computer animator Dimitris Liatsos. Tim
Baier will present compositing techniques, using
material form the movie Lord of the Rings: The
Fellowship of the Ring, and will proceed making an
introduction to stereoscopic-threedimensional cinema.
Dimitris Liatsos will present different stages of 3D
animation and at the same time the various techniques
of digital film creation.

Lectures and workshops examine the context of Digital
Culture, explain the main focusing point of label
management and introduce artists in sound manipulation
and production techniques.

(July 22,23, 13:00-17:00, Benaki Museum?s Auditorium,
Language: English)
The aim of the Record Labelling seminar is the
education of current and future professionals from the
milieu of music industry, be it musicians, producers,
label managers, distributors or salesmen. The success
and hi-profile of the labels such as Staubgold
(Berlin) and BiP-HOp (Marseille) are the best
recommendations for the lecturers Markus Detmer and
Philippe Petit. Over the course of the seminar they
will try to cover the numerous aspects of starting up
and managing an independent record label, through
lectures about the manufacturing of compact discs,
visual identity, distribution, Internet-only projects,
concert promotion, copyrights

LECTURES: Synchronizing the analysis with the
production of Electronic and Digital Culture
(July 24, 13:00-17:00, Benaki Museum?s Auditorium,
Language: Greek)

First Session:
?Sound, Music, Cultural Industry and Copyrights?

?	?The limits of ?Schizophonic mimesis?: Ethnographic
recordings and the music industry? (Panayotis Poulos)
?	?Copyrights, artistic ownership and creation in
digital culture? (Petros Petridis)
?	??Soundmotion?: Acoustic technologies in the
aesthetic continuum of urban experience? (Panos

Second Session:
?Image, Art and Virtual Communication Environments?

?	?Internet art ? (Elena Hamalidi, Dimos
?	?Second life: The second life of images. Wandering
in the valley of the virtual, where words and objects
don?t look alike anymore? (Yannis Scarpelos)
?	?Digital Pages: The ?literal? adaptation of comics
to cinema and the recession of dramatic catharsis?
(Abraam Kaoua)
?	?What does Digital Culture mean?? (Manthos

(11:00-17:00, Benaki Museum?s Lobby, Application
Procedure Closed, Language: Greek)
?	Workshop 1: July 22. Programming for the creation
and application of algorithmic tools for controlling
sound environments. Application of the MAX (max-msp)
?	Workshop 2: July 23. Presentation of tools and
techniques for sound synthesis and configuration in
real time. Application of the MSP (max-msp) software.
?	Workshop 3: July 24. Presentation of interactive
tools for the creation of performances and
installations. Application of the Supercollider and
VVVV software.

(July 24, 14:00-17:00. Benaki Museum?s Café, Language:
?	Digital DJing: 14:00-15:00. Demonstration of
Ableton?s Live 6.
?	Sequencing & Live Performance: 15:00-17:00.
Application of a sequencer on stage performance.

Head of Media Department:
Natalie Tsirigoti, , +30 6972899406
Press Office:
Sophia Ignatidou,, +30 6945739832 

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