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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] STEIM presents Turntable Music Night vol.1

STEIM presents Turntable Music Night vol.1

Martin Tetreault (CA) & Ignaz Schick (DE)
Maria Chavez (PE/US)
dj sniff (JP/NL)

Date: Friday, March 9
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hour
Entrance: 5 euros
Reservations and more information: or 020-6228690
Curated by Takuro Mizuta Lippit
*Turntable Music Night is in collaboration with Keir Neuringer of the TAG Gallery, Den Haag. Tetreault/Ignaz duo will be playing the previous night at TAG.
The concert was made possible with funding by the city of Amsterdam.

It has always been my dream to organize a concert series featuring only turntable musicians. Naturally, such an event at STEIM would be in the context of experimental/electro-acoustic/improvised music with more crackles and hisses than scratches and cuts. However, I hope not to only invite artist from this particular genre because if one can characterize STEIM as a center for artist driven technology, then Grandmaster Flash (one of my personal heros) who opened his DJ mixer and added a headphone pre-amp to realize a revolutionary technique in Hip-Hop music and the Jamaican Dub selectors who built their own studios and sound systems with little resources are equally in the context of STEIM. I believe that turntable music embodies an important lineage and inspiration for artists who seek an expressional voice with technology.
- Takuro Mizuta Lippit ( dj sniff )

Artist Biographies:
Martin Tetreault & Ignaz Schick
Martin Tetreault & Ignaz Schick first time met at the Garage Festival Stralsund in August 2003 and performed their first duo collaboration in April 2004 in Munich commissioned by t.u.b.e. (Gallery for Radiophonic Art). They have refined their work on two European tours in February & June 2006 with concerts in Germany, Poland, Belgium and Switzerland.
Martin Tetreault is most known for his unique style of turntabalism and his special approach of manipulating and adapting needles and cartridges & has been quite influential on various young turntable players.
Ignaz Schick's electronic work has gone through different phases of instrumentation from simple bedroom tape collages & vinyl manipulations via md field recordings to hard & software samplers. Over the years his scepticism towards digital technology and computers has grown and in parallel has his collection of little sound making objects. "Objets trouvÃs" which he has used in many different musical contexts. Within the last two years the turntable came back to interest as a simple, fast and reactive interface and it was only a little but important step to leave the (own) history of sampling/plunderphonics for exploring the machine in its most direct and basic way: a rotating plate with its surface creates friction and makes objects vibrate and resonate.

Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez is an avant-turntablist from Peru who focuses on electro acoustic sound of vinyl and needle. She has a collection of needles from immaculate to ruined that she calls her "pencils of sound" and a collection of records that provide the palette. She has toured with Christiina Carter (Charlambides, Scorses), recorded with Kaffe Matthews, and performed with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth in her New York City debut. The artist in residence at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn during the fall of 2006, she was recently selected to participate in a 2008 residency program with Merce Cunningham Dance Company at the Dia Foundation's museum in Beacon, New York.

dj sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit)
dj sniff believes in the instrumental autonomy of the turntable and the musicianship of the DJ. His music focuses on the reconstruction of phonographicly amplified sounds through electro-acoustical methods and techniques of turntablism. He has performed in numerous venues and festivals around the world including the U.S., Japan, Russia, Romania, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.
dj sniff was born in the U.S., raised in Japan. While studying art history and philosophy in Tokyo, he was active as a DJ in the underground electronic music scene and formed a collective called smashTV productions which organized genre-mixing events such as anti- Gravity and bistro-Smash!. In 2002, he moved to New York to pursue graduate studies in computer music and physical computing at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. He is currently residing in the Netherlands, working as the visiting Artistic Co-Director and researcher at STEIM, Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music in Amsterdam.


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