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[Nettime-nl] International Call for Artists? film and video

---Apologies for cross-posting---

International Call for Artists? film and video


Generous European Culture2000 funding enables ISIS Arts (UK) and it?s
international project partners BEK (Norway), InterSpace (Bulgaria) and RIXC
(Latvia) to curate a NEW SCREENING PROGRAMME around the theme of European
Identity for the Big M, ISIS Art?s inflatable touring space.

Daily, more and more European people decide to live in other European
countries.  With a shifting concept of nationality it becomes increasingly
important to consider what it means to be European. Is there such a thing as
European Identity and how does it relate to national identity?
For this programme we invite submissions of films or video works on this
theme from artists of any nationality.

Selected works will become part of the new screening programme which will
tour to the four partnering countries between May 2007 and September 2007.
Work will be selected through open submission. In order to be considered
individual works must:

* Have a running time of 5 minutes or less
* Be single channel and non interactive
* Address the project theme

Selected artists will receive an exhibition fee of ? 300 (The Big M is not a
commercial venture and admission is free). Copyright remains solely with the

The Big M is a highly stylised inflatable structure that functions as a
temporary and mobile venue for the presentation of video and digital media.
Unique in both design and function, the Big M provides an alternative to the
conventional gallery setting and exhibits work by emerging and established
artists to diverse audiences.

To submit pieces for consideration please send work on DVD, CD Rom (720x 576
dpi QuickTime movie) or mini DV, titled and with a synopsis of 50 words
maximum, a CV and a stamped addressed envelope (if you want your materials
returned) to:

C Sundtsg 55
9. etage
5004 Bergen

Deadline for receipt of submissions is the 3rd of February 2007

Further enquiries to:

Further project information can be found on <>

first floor
5 Charlotte Square

tel:   44 191 261  4407
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