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[Nettime-nl] Fwd: Nieuw boek over media en democratie

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Subject: Nieuw boek over media en democratie

Beste mensen,

Ik ben zo vrij te vermoeden dat dit nieuw boek over media en democratie je zal interesseren.

Meer informatie vind je hieronder en in bijlage. Als je andere (mogelijks) geinteresseerden zou kennen, stuur dit bericht dan gerust door.

Als je deze mail daarentegen als spam zou beschouwen: mijn verontschuldigingen. Het is sowieso een eenmalig bericht.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Nico Carpentier


Reclaiming the Media
Communication Rights and Democratic Media Roles

Edited by Bart Cammaerts
& Nico Carpentier
Paperback 230x174mm
Price £19.95, $40.00

About the book
At the beginning of the 21st century, it hardly goes uncontested anymore that media organisations play an important role in democracy. The main questions have now become whether the contemporary media conjuncture offers enough to our democracies, how their democratic investment can be deepened and how our communication rights can be expanded.
This book aims to look at four thematic areas that structure the opportunities for democratising (media) democracy. A first section is devoted to citizenship and the public spheres, giving special attention to the general theme of communication rights. The second section elaborates further on a notion central to communication rights, namely that of participation. The third section returns to the traditional representational role in relation to democracy and citizenship, scrutinizing and criticizing the democratic efforts of contemporary journalism. The fourth section moves outside of the (traditional) media system, and deals with the diversity of media and communication strategies of activists.

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Contact Intellect
phone: +44 (0)117 9589910



Foreword by Peter Dahlgren

Introduction by Nico Carpentier and Bart Cammaerts

Section One Introduction by Bart Cammaerts
Citizenship, the Public Sphere, and Media

Chapter One by Kari Karppinen
Making a difference to media pluralism: a critique of the pluralistic consensus in European media policy

Chapter Two by Claudia Padovani, Arjuna Tuzzi, and Giorgia Nesti
Communication and (e)democracy: assessing European e-democracy discourses

Chapter Three by Margit Böck
Reducing communicative inequalities towards a pedagogy for inclusion

Section Two Introduction
Participation and Media by Nico Carpentier

Chapter Four by Auli Harju
Citizen participation and local public spheres: an agency and identity focussed approach to the Tampere postal services conflict

Chapter Five by Egil G. Skogseth
Towards fair participation: recruitment strategies in Demostation

Chapter Six by Tamara Witschge
Representation and inclusion in the online debate: the issue of honor killings

Section Three Introduction by Nico Carpentier
Journalism, Media, and Democracy

Chapter Seven by Nico Carpentier
Coping with the agoraphobic media professional: a typology of journalistic practices reinforcing democracy and participation

Chapter Eight by Hannu Nieminen
Disobedient media – unruly citizens: governmental communication in crisis

Chapter Nine by Anu Kantola
On the dark side of democracy: the global imaginary of financial journalism

Section Four Introduction by Bart Cammaerts
Activism and Media

Chapter Ten by Natalie Fenton
Contesting global capital, new media, solidarity, and the role of a social imaginary

Chapter Eleven by Arne Hintz
Civil Society Media at the WSIS: a new actor in global communication governance?

Chapter Twelve by Bart Cammaerts
Media and communication strategies of glocalized activists: beyond media-centric thinking

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