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[Nettime-nl] Donderdag 27/7 1700h @ Waag Society: 'Erase Erase Idea' van Namita Malhotra

In de afgelopen 2 maanden heeft Namita Malhotra in het kader van het project 'Towards a Culture of open networks' als Artist in Residency bij Waag Society gewerkt. Op donderdag 27 juli om 1700h gaat Namita de erste versie van haar samen met Michiel van der Ros ontwikkelde project 'Erase False Idea' presenteren. de presentatie vind plaats in het Theatrum Anatomicum van Waag Society, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam.

Namita Malhotra works with Alternative Law Forum in Bangalore on an interdisciplinary multi-media project on Law and Media ( A lot of her recent work delves into the history, myths and propaganda around intellectual property that is gaining momentum everywhere, even as technology and piracy, allow for the leak of entertainment, information, beyond controlled circuits of circulation.

Her recent work entitled 'Erase False Idea' is inspired by Guy Debord's quote on the necessity of plagiarism, and how plagiarism "embraces an author's phrase, makes use of his expressions, erases a false idea, and replaces it with the right idea." Official propaganda especially in the form of Frequently Answered Questions, for artists, writers, musicians and other creators, often present the diabolical logic of intellectual property, as common-sensical. The notion that expression=property, is not ahistorical or obvious, in the way that it is understood by most people, or that official institutions that propagate IP would want it to be understood.

'Erase False Idea' looks at FAQs as the starting point of entry into the rhetoric around IP, and then explores websites that contain information on IP ( The project splatters this official propaganda with images, video, text and music from the Internet, working in a manner similar to graffiti on the streets that is a voice of rebellion and dissent. Some of these images might be totally random, but often might subvert the logic offered by law. For example if you navigate through the project website, and click on 'How long does copyright last?' this might take you to a WIPO website, which is then also splattered with images of paintings, photographs of lilies obviously inspired by Monet, different variations of Mona Lisa (cat, blonde, male etc.) that populate t-shirts, mugs, or just drawings on someone's blog.

The presentation will also include the previous work on intellectual property, which is a series of three comics on patent, copyright and trademark. These too take images from WIPO comics, public domain and pirated material to explore and debunk certain common myths about how intellectual property rights regimes foster creativity and innovation.

DISCLAIMER: As part of the project 'Towards a culture of open networks' Namita Malhotra's residency and the presentation are being produced with the support of the European Union's EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme. The Contents of the Presentation are the sole responsibility of Namita Malhotra and Waag Society and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union

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