Rini Hartman on Mon, 24 Jul 2006 13:55:38 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] A proposal for sacramental reflowering

Forwarded proposal from Chris King, senior lecturer and researcher at
several universities. His main area of interest is the application of
chaotic and fractal dynamics to neurobiology and the nature of conscious
sensory processing. He also has research interest in the following
areas, prebiotic chemical stability structures and the development of
the genetic code, evolution of transposable genetic elements, fungal
taxonomy, remote wind power design, quantum cosmology and sexual game


Rini Hartman

Dear Rini,

I'm interested in coming to Holland and starting a new kind of
sacramental tradition which could have a powerful global transformative
effect over time.

I have made pilgrimages to the sources of the world's power plants and
have conserved most of these species. I went twice to Yarinacocha in
Peru and took ayahuasca with a leprous old shaman - 19 years apart, as
well as peyote ceremonies with Tellus Goodmorning and magic mushrooms
from the fields of Palenque to the Mushroom gallery of Amsterdam.

Christianity is fundamentally a sacramental religion. I have spent a
great deal of my life working towards reflowering the Western religious
tradition into the path of the Tree of Life - the natural successor to
Christianity, in which the cannibalistic Eucharist of Christ's
Dionysian flesh and blood is replaced by genuine psychic sacraments -
including mushrooms in the tradition of Maria Sabina.

I would like to do this by inviting a bunch of astute, predominantly
female academics, social historians and social innovators to Holland
where magic mushrooms are legal to form a kind of gnostic think tank, or
conception womb, where we revisit the events at the founding of
Christianity and set up the seed of a way of natural spirituality which
rebirths the source experience in a sexually paradoxical way that will
both fulfil and blow away the whole concept of Revelation rapture in a
verdant reflowering of nature.

I've already been to Jerusalem and performed rites of passage for sexual
reunion refertilizing the Judeo-Christian tradition, so I have a gnostic
CV that is absolutely unique to do this.

I have made a deal with my university to teach only first semesters for
the next three years.  Shortly Christine and I are heading for Asia,
traversing Singapore, Thailand, India Nepal, Tibet, China, Laos,
Vietnam, Cambodia and back through Thailand to Malaysia doing a video
documentary on sexual paradox and spirituality in Asia.

After that I am going to consider going to the US to meet some of the
social historians and eco-theologians I would like to invite into this
gnostic group.

Christianity was originally conceived only to be a temporary stewardship
until the apocalyptic unveiling, in which the Tree of Life would
reappear and paradise would ensue.  Apocalypse is a throwing off of the
covers of reality, whose title means 'unveiling' - something naturally
associated with the bridal reunion of sexual paradox, rather than
scorched Earth Armageddon, and it is happening now scientifically and
culturally and religiously in the clash of the cultures and in the
discovery of everything from the human genome to quantum field theories.

I want to use this innovative process to move as quickly as possible to
found a path of sap and dew compassion which will avoid a mass
extinction and fertilize a process of reflowering paradise, using the
power plants, to take the Western spiritual tradition through to the
other side of apocalypse and give us all a much softer landing that will
be possible going down the current route of clash of cultures between
Islam and the West, rape of the planet, and a final confrontation over
the oil reserves amid nuclear mutually assured destruction.

I am looking for avenues of funding to set up a small research project in
which senior academics and other astute social innovators are invited
into this process in the form of a think-tank or conception womb.

Holland is the only place where this is possible because it is the one
place where one can legitimately found a sacramental path without it
being manifestly illegal.

Do you have any suggestions about how to go about this in Holland and get
funding in Europe sufficient to support a bootstrap think-tank?

Chris King

a belief in cultural, creative and integral expression as a means to
affecting deep and lasting social change

Art for Social Change is creative expression that emerges from artists to
improve individual and collective circumstances. Art for Social Change
involves an understanding of creation that includes not only objects,
but also geographic locations, groups of people and collective

Social artists are concerned with the many ways art can function, like
community development, the environment, education, intergenerational
communication, healthcare, technology, politics, conflict resolution,
community regeneration and cultural citizenship. They are working in all
media, in all disciplines, in all locations.

Social artists are committed to bringing the arts to bear on the widest
possible range of social conditions and challenges facing our society.
These efforts seek to create social change at every level of society,
from personal to political.

At the heart of this social vision is a belief in cultural and creative
expression as a means to affecting deep and lasting social change. Art
becomes a political act, a conscious effort to facilitate and
participate in social change.

Art for Social Change is an expression of both individual and group
identity. All creative expression is an expression of both individual
and group life. Instead of an isolated individual, the artist serves as
a cultural catalyst of social intervention and transformation.

Through art, we can challenge many of our society's deepest assumptions,
such as the boundaries between self and other, 'artist' and
'non-artist', present and past, male and female, young and old, 'normal'
and 'abnormal'. The social artist builds upon the power of artistic
creation and expression to spark new ideas, catalyze critical thinking,
elicit new actions, inspire individuals and create visions.

If the majority of the people do not believe in the possibility and the
rightness of their common cause, nothing long-lasting will be changed.
This is where art and artists play an essential role. If we want
freedom, we must promote free expression. If we want equity, we must
have equal access and support in expressing ourselves.

If we want respect, love and beauty among us and others, we must actively
promote it through our art.


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