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Public Lecture by Prof. Hans-Thies Lehmann
(Johann Wolfgang-Goethe University, Frankfurt/M.)

Friday, February 17th
20.00 hours
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18

Reservations under: 020-5277707
The lecture provides a stage for Das Postdramatische Theater, the internationally influential book by Hans-Thies Lehmann, which - after translations into Slovenese, French and Japanese - will finally be out in English.  This comprehensive study of newer and newest forms of theatre is widely read by theoreticians as well as practitioners, from institutional experts to interested laymen in the audience and marks a groundbreaking shift of theatre's major paradigm: Away from the form of drama as the norm of theatre.

Lehmann engages with the state of the arts of theatre-making today, seven  years after the first edition of his book and asks: Where has the post-dramatic perspective taken us? What comes after drama, where are theatre-makers heading towards? Where and how do we RE-ENTER?

The lecture is part of the working conference NA(AR) HET THEATER - AFTER THEATRE?, organized by the research group for Art Practice & Development at the Amsterdam School of the Arts.

A public presentation of the results of the conference will take place on Sunday, 19th of February, 19.00 hours at the Theater Gasthuis: What comes after post-dramatic theatre?

Address:  Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 54
NA(AR) HET THEATER - AFTER THEATRE? is curated by Marijke Hoogenboom, Alexander Karschnia and Nicola Nord(andcompany&Co.)

Art Practice & Development
Amsterdam School of the Arts                   
Jodenbreestraat 3
Postbus 15079
1001 MB Amsterdam

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