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[Nettime-nl] 3 December: presentations by Matthew Fuller, Jon Bird and Andy Webster at CRYSTALPUNK

A Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture event
3 December: presentations by Matthew Fuller, Jon Bird,
Andy Webster
15.00-18.00 Free entrance
Oudenoord 275 (use the entrance at the back) Utrecht


Calculation Space by Matthew Fuller
Software has an acknowledged impact on cities and
space. Some parts  of towns look like they just
dropped out of a CAD program.  Other  spaces, like
airports and border crossings treat people as good or 
bad data to be sorted.  'Modern' societies depend on
the ability to  abstract and quantify particular parts
of life, to turn them into  numbers, things that can
be known by numbers, and then feed that  knowledge
back into living and non-living matter.  As
mathematics and  matter become more closely
interwoven, can we distinguish a politics  or culture
of calculation? Hip Hop, childrens' games and
speculative  software offer some interesting clues.

More Paskian Strategies by Jon Bird and Andy Webster
The Crystalpunk Workshop earlier picked up on the work
of cyberneticist Gordon Pask and his unique theories
about communication. Today Jon Bird and Andy Webster
will present their Pask inspired work. In the
1950-1960ties Pask build crystal computers,
electro-chemical contraptions that evolved sensors
tailor made to input from the environment. In 2002 Jon
Bird was partly responsible for the electronic circuit
that evolved into a radio picking up signal from a
nearby computer and transmitting it. To the surprise
of its creators. Andy Webster is an artist who was
worked with Jon Bird on a project in which they
recreated an electro-chemical computer. 

The Crystalpunk workshop is produced by Impakt. http://www.impakt.nl


Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture

"What the Elephant Man is to the Athletic Body, the Crystalpunk Room 
will be to the Smart House"



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