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[Nettime-nl] DorkbotEindhoven #4: 30 November, 20.30 - Gaslab, TU/eindhoven

November 30th, 20.30 at the Gaslab TU/eindhoven (Netherlands)

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***Gabriel Finch aka Salsaman / LiVES
Gabriel Finch (a.k.a "Salsaman") is a video artist, VJ, Free Software
programmer and the main developer of LiVES (http://lives.sourceforge.net), a
Free, Open Source video editing application and VJ tool. He is also one of
the main people involved with designing livido (http://www.livido.org) a new
standard for video processing plugins, which is almost ready for release.
Salsaman will demonstrate the LiVES software and show how it can be used for
VJing and for video editing.

***Evi Zeegers / LumiShelter
Evi Zeegers is a 3rd year bachelor student in the Industrial Design
Department at the TU/e. In an assignment to improve the hospital experience
of children she developed the project 'LumiShelter' which she will be
presenting at the Dorkbot. LumiShelter consists of a big canvas which spans
(tent-like) above the hospital bed, and on which the child can draw with
light-pen. The canvas offers both privacy as well as entertainment.

***Jos Kranen & Frederik Molenschot / Vase Light et. al.
Jos Kranen (Tegelen, 1977) graduated at Design Academy Eindhoven in december
2004 with his project "flexilight" a flexible lighting system that consists
of loose parts, so the user can define his or her own electricity network
throughout the living space. This also happened with the "vase light" a
product made for an exhibition during the Dutch Design Week 2005. This light
object which was designed in corporation with Frederik Molenschot (Breda,
1981, also a Design Academy graduate), will only work when it is in contact
with water, is meant to be an addition to your regular vase with flowers.
The technical part was taken care of by Metatronics, a small company located
on the TUE site. www.joskranen.nl / www.frederikmolenschot.nl /

Opendork (the dorkbot equivalent of an open-mic) is a new concept we will
launch for the first time, where people can just sign up on the night of the
Dorkbot to make a small presentation (c. 5 minutes long)

*Dorkbot Eindhoven is an initiative of Art & Technology Festival STRP (
www.strp.nl) in
collaboration with Studium Generale (TU/e).

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DorkbotEindhoven #4: Salsaman/LiVES, Evi Zeegers, Jos Kranen/ Frederik
GASLAB, TU/eindhoven, Netherlands (for map:
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Feel Free to spread this announcement on other mailing lists and to anyone
else you think might be interested!
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