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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Extra Open Lab 129/BLOCK 23 The Grand Integration Game

The Grand Integration Game

DasArts, Advanced Research in Theatre and dance Studies
in combined action/play with:
STEIM, Center for Research & Development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts


We proudly present an extra Open Lab in Block 23:
Open Lab 129
The Yes Men
Tuesday 29 November 2005 at 20.00 hrs


The Yes Men have impersonated World Trade Organization, Dow Chemical Corporation, and Bush administration spokesmen on TV and at business conferences around the world. They do this
(a) in order to demonstrate some of the mechanisms that keep bad people and ideas in power, and
(b) because they want to.

The Yes Men have been called âthe Jonathan Swift of the Jackass generation" by author Naomi Klein. They infiltrate the world of big business and smuggle out stories that are shocking and hilarious, and reveal some of the mechanisms that keep bad ideas and people in power.

More about The Yes Men can be found at


Location of the presentation: the RitSael at DasArts
Mauritskade 56, 1092 AD Amsterdam

We kindly ask you to reply if you would like to attend this presentation,
or call DasArts: 020-5869636
Admission free.


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(studio voor elektro instrumentale muziek)

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The Netherlands

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