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[Nettime-nl] JOB OPENING Lecturer/coach ‘digital storytelling’

/*Lecturer/coach ‘digital storytelling’   ±6 weeks - 01 day a week*/

Institute of Interactive Media Amsterdam
>From January 2006, the Institute for Interactive Media of the Hogeschool
van Amsterdam will be offering a minor course called ‘Content in
motion’: a 20-week program on non-linear content.
The students following this course are in the 3^rd or 4^th years of a
bachelor degree and will have the opportunity learn about many practical
aspects of non-linear content including: content management, content
creation (copy, design, technology) and design for private and public
spaces. They will also be exposed to the more theoretical part of this
area such as media evolution and the social context of digital
information in public.

One of the courses will focus on digital storytelling. 

The digital storytelling course consists of a weekly 1-hour lecture and
a 2-hour workshop, plus 2 weeks of examinations. All lectures will be
given in English, although the workshops may be conducted in Dutch. The
minor will start the 30^th of January; the course will start in the 3^rd

We are now looking for an inspiring lecturer on the subject of digital

Tasks and competences:   
                -  Developing and teaching the course ‘Storytelling’
within the framework
                -  Project coaching activities
                -  Assessment of students projects
Applicants must have a bachelor degree or higher level of thinking and
working and:    
                - Be working in the field of content creation, with a
focus on digital storytelling
                - Have a demonstrably innovative approach to the subject
of content and storytelling
                - Be used to working in interdisciplinary teams
                - Preferably have teaching experience
                - Be able to stimulate, motivate and inspire students
Preliminary enquiries should be directed to:
Instituut voor interactieve media
Ingrid Piqué
Weesperzijde 190
1097 DZ Amsterdam
or by mail <> (subject
for more information on this job please contact
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