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[Nettime-nl] 25-26-26 November More Crystalpunk presentations and workshops

A Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture event:

Workshops & Presentations
25-26-27 November 2005

All events are free

email us at: email: crystalpunk |at| socialfiction
|dot| org

How to find us:

Openbaar Vervoer Neem vanaf NS station Utrecht
Centraal stadsbus 1, 6, 7, 16 of 36 naar halte
Oudenoord. Hier bevindt zich direct het gebouw waarin
Impakt gevestigd is. Loop rechtsom naar de
achterzijde, daar is de ingang op Oudenoord 275


>>>>>Friday 25 November 19.00 - 22.00

Computing Architecture by EZCT Architecture & Design
EZCT research what they call surrational design,
design produced by systems made up from rules and
conditions put in there by the designer, which once
put in motion evolves towards forms and complexity the
programmer never would have been able to conciously
conceive. This workshop, given by Jelle Ferringa,
explores genetic algorithms as one promising tactic
for meandering through the possibility space of
architectonic forms. Starting with a look on the
historic lineage between mathematics and architecture,
this workshop evolves into an extensive hands-on
session of designing evolutionary systems.

This workshop builds on previous workshops like:

>>>>> Saturday 26 November 14.00-18.00

Arch-Os workshop
Arch-OS is an 'Operating System' for contemporary
architectures, developed to manifest the dynamic life
of a building. Arch-OS systems (integrated hardware
and software) incorporate a range of embedded
technologies to capture audio-visual and raw digital
data from a building through a variety of sources.
Chris Speed, who has worked on Arch-Os from early on
will present the ideas behind the concept, show
previous work and then allow for a practical hands-on

>>>>>Sunday 27 November 14.00-18.00

Presentations by C6, Tom Carden, Christina Ray,
Franziska Huebler, Hyperbody, Orkan Telhan

C6 is a London based group with much experience in
subverting art spaces, digital spaces and public
spaces, usually all together at the same time. They
borrow strategies and tools from graffiti, DIY eco
punk and activism and yet they are like none of them.

Tom Carden works somewhere between design and
simulation, between architecture and artificial
intelligence. He runs the aggregator for Proccessing
news which is an invaluable source of information for
users on this software tool which is also used
extensively during the Crystalpunk workshop.

Orkan Telhan works at the Sociable Media group at the
MIT Media Lab. Here to share his extensive knowledge
of electronics and programming he will also discuss
what he does when his Peter Parker alias is exchanged
for nightly sessions as a mad landscaper, executing
information-rich representation of spaces.

Christina Ray was trained as an Architect in japan,
currently she is based in the New York version of
Breukelen. She works as an artist of the
psychogeographic kind. She is a co-founder of the
artist collective Glowlab, as such she was largely
responsible for the PsyGeo Con Flux conventions held
in New York where the current day psychogeographic
community presented itself to the rest of the world. 

Franziska Huebler and Jeremy Abbot are based in
Hamburg TruthDare is a design studio working on
physical computing projects. or as they say
themselves: Our mission is to create meaningful
experiences through design. This occurs when an
engaging dialogue takes place between the storyteller
and the listener.

Tomasz Jaskiewicz and Dieter Vandoren work at the
Hyperbody Research Group, headed by Kas Oorsterhuis,
at the TU Delft. As
such they are having an active share in some of the
most advanced research on soft architecture undertaken
in Holland. To quote a snippet from the web site:
Hyperbody explores the possibilities of
multidisciplinary architectural and urban design in an
ICT-driven environment, including new interaction
modalities for intuitive control of the system.

The Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture is
produced by Impakt. The Best new media organisation in
the world. http://www.impakt.nl


Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture

"What the Elephant Man is to the Athletic Body, the Crystalpunk Room 
will be to the Smart House"



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