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[Nettime-nl] exhibition announcement

Opening -3rd dec 2005 - Galerie OpenAtelier 'De Vrijplaats' -Amsterdam -
works by


we cordialy invite you to the opening at Sarphatistraat 143

Open every day 1-5 pm

Tiziana La Piana -  the Sicilian artist has chosen her city of birth Catania
as a main theme of the exhibition .She will show us her impressions of
typical street images , of which slaughtered animal heads as they can be
seen at the in Italy renown market of Catania

Tea Popovic  -  exhibits paintings from Where's my chicken?(What's in it for
me?) series .The two separate concepts of time are clashing, illustrated as
gray scale cowboys ( their mindset : YOU ARE WITH US OR AGAINST US ) on the
background of traditional, subtle and allegoric forms and colors of sleepy ,
and essentially Islamic,  Central Asia. As Paul Virilio stated  :  Western
man has appeared superior and dominant, despite inferior demograpics,
because he appeared more rapid . ..Speed is the hope of the West...

Derk Evert Huisman III  -  poet , author and painter on marble slabs
exhibits works concerned famous Ballet poses from Dutch National Ballet  and

Zahava Koldijk

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