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[Nettime-nl] Vacancy for Science Writer / Web Researcher (full time) [u]

From: André Kuijpers & Theresa Stanton <>
Contactivity is a small, dynamic company based in Leiden, the Netherlands, producing  professional periodicals (printed journals with associated web magazines and email newsletters) on issues related to international development cooperation for  various clients, including international organizations and development NGOs (
Contactivity is seeking a science writer / web researcher (full time) to join its enthusiastic international team.
We are looking for the elusive sheep with five legs: a young, ambitious, hands-on journalist (or scientist) with excellent writing skills, a demonstrable interest in international development, a fascination with science and technology, and an eye for emerging trends and good stories.
Requirements: The successful candidate will have
·         a degree (or equivalent) in a development-related subject;
·         an active interest in science and technology;
·         excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills in English; a working knowledge of French and/or Spanish would be an advantage;
·         experience in web research;
·         good word processing skills;
·         willingness to work to tight deadlines; and
·         a minimum of two years’ work experience in a similar position.
Tasks: The tasks of the successful candidate will include
·         advising on the choice of content for our multimedia publications;
·         identifying authors and editing/rewriting their articles as necessary;
·         carrying out web research and compiling thematic web dossiers with annotated links to articles, documents and information services;
·         managing the content of web magazines and websites; and
·         supervising the work of (freelance) editors and translators.
The successful candidate may eventually be given editorial responsibility for one of multimedia periodicals produced by Contactivity.
The position is open to EU nationals only. The successful candidate will be offered an initial fixed-term contract (period negotiable). The salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.
Applications: To apply please send a brief letter, a CV, two recent examples of written materials, plus the names, addresses (including email) and phone numbers of two work-related references to:
We hope to fill the position by January 2006. Closing date for applications: 1 December 2005.

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