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[Nettime-nl] technology... in the service of human well-being? (Eindhoven, mei 2006) (Modified by Geert Lovink) [u]

PERSUASIVE * First international conference on Persuasive technology for
human well-being. 18-19 May 2006. Eindhoven University of Technology,
the Netherlands.

Conference Aim

Can computers help fight obesity? Can technology motivate you to waste
less energy? Can communication devices help overcome racial prejudice?
Can a virtual agent persuade you to break your smoking habit? Can a
mobile phone help you study? Can a robot challenge you to perform
rehabilitation exercises?

PERSUASIVE 06 is aimed at exploring technology in the service of human
well-being, within the broader context of a socially and ecologically
sustainable society. Join academic researchers, designers, and
technology developers from around the world in investigating the
potential of persuasive technologies to positively affect human
attitudes and behaviour.

The goal of PERSUASIVE 06 is to bring together a multidisciplinary group
of social scientists studying persuasion, and engineers developing
persuasive technologies in areas such as health and rehabilitation,
housing, information and communication, and energy conservation, so they
can meet, share experiences, present research, and exchange ideas.

Key themes of the conference include, but are not limited to: · Health, comfort, and wellbeing · Sustainability · Education and training · Communication · Ethics of persuasive technology · Theories of persuasion and related topics such as motivation, credibility, trust and control · Persuasive technologies as change agents

This conference is a joint effort of the faculties of Technology
Management (HTI - Human Technology Interaction) and Industrial Design of
the TU/e.

prof.dr. Cees Midden (chair) Berry Eggen (vice-chair)
dr. Wijnand IJsselsteijn (organiser) Yvonne de Kort (organiser)
dr. Elise van den Hoven MTD (treasurer)
Andrés Lucero PDEng (designer)

More information
For more information please mail to Wijnand IJsselsteijn  or Yvonne de

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