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[Nettime-nl] Cinekid International Seminar

Cinekid seminars 2005
In Amsterdam organiseert Cinekid een aantal seminars die deel uitmaken van
Cinekid International, het driedaagse evenement voor (inter)nationale
mediaprofessionals. Lokatie: City Theater, nabij het Leidseplein in
Amsterdam. Kaarten kosten 6,-. Reserveren kan op 020-4272127 (vanaf 17

Seminar What?s in a game? An exercise in innovative game design Friday 28
October Over the last 15 years games software has emerged as the dominant
pastime for children and the young. The market has grown exponentially, both
in value and in terms of cultural significance, and the influence of
electronic gaming can be found everywhere. You can see it in movies,
commercials and digital TV, and new gaming devices are delivered to us each
year. This year saw the release of two portable game machines: Nintendo?s
double screen (NDS) and Sony?s PSP. And next year the next generation of
consoles will arrive. Lara, Mario, Sonic and Crash Bandicoot are just as
familiar to us as Mickey, Donald and Bugs were to previous generations.
Videogames are often said to differ from movies and television in the ways
in which they require audience participation. If no one plays the game it
simply won?t unfold, whereas television and film don?t necessarily require
an active audience. With the introduction of multi-platform media
productions and various forms of digital TV, this is starting to change.
Participation and interaction are becoming part of almost every form of
media experience. And understanding games may offer inspiration in seeking
story structures which include a useful role for audience participation. In
this seminar we will examine the latest developments in game design.
Innovative games technologies and strategies will be discussed, supported by
examples from case studies. The focus will be on pervasive or multi-platform
gaming, and on new interfaces for games. Pervasive games push the player
away from the screen and use the real world as a place to game and tell
stories. The new interfaces that will be presented all require a more
physical participation from the audience. How do these games offer maximum
success when it comes to audience engagement and involvement? This seminar
is co-produced by: Marinka Copier (Utrecht University, New Media and Digital
Culture), UPGEAR and the Playful-programme from cinema ?t Hoogt (Utrecht).
Friday 28 October Location: City Theater, Screen 5 Time: 01.00 p.m.

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