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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] AudioMulch lecture, workshop and concerts by Ross Bencina

Lecture / Presentation by Ross Bencina on AudioMulch

History of Ross' musical practice in general, improvising electroacoustic music, development of AudioMulch (http:// He will give a demo of AudioMulch, play some music by other AudioMulch players and a video of his ensemble Simulus playing VR gloves. He will also talk about his recent activities in Barcelona where he worked on the reacTable ( reacTable/). The reacTable is a table based musical instrument where objects on the table's surface represent sound generating and processing modules. By moving objects into proximity with one another they connect and form signal chains like a tangible modular synthesiser. Waveforms are projected on the table's surface showing the audio flowing between the objects. Ross developed the computer vision component of the table which efficiently tracks markers attached to the objects. This system, called reacTIVision will soon be released as an open source project on the internet.

Date: Tuesday October 25
Time: 20:00h
Place: Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 / Amsterdam
Entrance: Free

AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio Workshop by Ross Bencina

Addressed to all levels of expertise, this workshop presented by AudioMulch's creator Ross Bencina will quickly bring beginners up to speed with this intuitive software environment and also covers some of the more esoteric features that even the most seasoned mulchista will find interesting. Expect practical applications and performance strategies in interactive sound design and processing, demonstrations of patches that Ross uses in performance, and an overview of the recently added Metasurface. Audience interaction guaranteed!

Date: Wednesday October 26
Time: 13:00h-17:00h
Place: Achtergracht 19 / Amsterdam
Fee: €20 (to be payed at the STEIM office on the day of the workshop)

Reservations: only through the website: - the workshop section

Concerts featuring Ross Bencina

Not hosted by STEIM, but very interesting to visit in context with the lecture and workshop:

Monday October 24
Kraakgeluiden with SKIF++ (Jeff Carey, Robert van Heumen + Bas van Koolwijk), ZEBRA (Frans de Waard, Roel Meelkop) and a solo set by Ross Bencina

Thursday October 27
Special AudioMulch Night at OT301

More info on

Bio of Ross Bencina

Ross Bencina is a composer, performer, software developer and digital instrument maker, with a strong interest in improvised electroacoustic music. He has performed solo and with collaborators around Australia and internationally. He has recently performed at venues including Metrònom in Barcelona, The Zoo in Manchester, and at the Queensland Music Festival. Since 2002, Ross and fellow composers Steve Adam and Tim Kreger have performed together as Simulus, an improvising electroacoustic ensemble.
Ross is the creator of AudioMulch interactive music studio - software for electronic music performance. He is the founding developer of PortAudio, foundation software for real-time audio applications. Ross regularly gives presentations about his software and musical practice. He was a keynote speaker at the 2005 Australasian Computer Music Conference, and presented innovative AudioMulch developments at the 2005 New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference in Vancouver. Ross is a graduate of the La Trobe
University Music Department (BA hons., 1995). In 2005, Ross completed one year as visiting researcher at the Music Technology Group, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, where he contributed to the design and development of audio transformation technologies and musical instruments, including the reacTable* interactive music table. For the month of October 2005, Ross will be a resident artist at STEIM in Amsterdam, a major international centre for the research and development of instruments and tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. Ross is the director of Sonic Fritter Pty. Ltd., which sells AudioMulch and provides software development and consulting services for audio-related applications.

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