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[Nettime-nl] Ascii: GNU/Linux ROOTS workshop on Wed 12 October at 19:30

   ::   Amsterdam Subversive Center for Information Interchange
  :  :  workshop in Javastraat 38hs, Amsterdam Oost, 12 Oct 19:30 CET
: SCII :      GNU/Linux ROOTS - the Power in your hands

This workshop will explore the GNU/Linux system without specific reference
to a particular distribution, but to tasks that can be solved with this or
that approach, using certain software or different distributions.

We will focus on how to turn old computers into something useful, e-mail
and data encryption, where to find the best documentation when you are
looking for something, the powers offered by *NIX based networking, how to
rip audio CDs and how to stream your music online to be listened by
friends, shamanic powers of the text console, hacking into systems...  and

            The main requirement for this workshop is CURIOSITY

You don't need to be an expert, this is a beginner's workshop,
just don't be scared by the ASCII letters on the screen ;)

                         DON'T PANIC! HACK IT!

This workshop is a beginner's approach to the inner Roots of GNU/Linux,
what makes it most powerful than any graphical instrument today.

We'll keep it simple, but this workshop will not teach you everything:
instead will give you a panoramic view on what is possible to do GNU/Linux
and how to discover more about it, how to get around proprietary software
limitations and how to keep your privacy tight in these difficult times.

                     FREE ENTRANCE, AS IN FREE SPEECH
                      (hence, donations are welcome)

- --
 jaromil, rasta coder,

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