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The Grand Integration Game

DasArts, De Amsterdamse School / Advanced Research in Theatre and dance Studies
in combined action/play with:
STEIM, Center for Research & Development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts

STEIM is mentor of Block 23

We cordially invite you to the third Open Lab in Block 23

Open Lab 123
"On Being A Band"
musical reading by Jan St. Werner

Tuesday 11 October 2005 at 20.00 hrs

Location: the RitSael at DasArts
Mauritskade 56, 1092 Amsterdam


"By learning with others you can get instant feedback from other creative minds (each bringing to the table different experiences and insights) DURING the learning process. This enables a kind of collective experience that can be drawn upon when internalizing information the first time. Individual learning does not have this advantage (although it does have its own advantages, but you can always learn on an individual level. You have to reach out and interact with others to learn collectively). I don't believe collective learning is stressed in the west. Performing music in a creative group is collective learning as is playing in a big band of some sort but I'm speaking now of collective learning in the more general and traditional concept of studying and conceptualizing together with others.." O. Coleman, "An Interview"

"We came together to try out a kind of aesthetics of failure i.e. an aesthetics of the non-ability, of wanting and willing. And this is a very painful aesthetics, it is an aesthetics of embarrassment, blamage and renouncement. But as it is actually all about seizing an emotional affect on the listener and how it naturally feeds back as disgrace and how this embarrassment becomes a play of being taken away and feeling painful... " Oswald Wiener about the Berlin concert of "SELTEN GEHÃRTE MUSIK" 1974


We kindly ask you to reply this e-mail if you would like to attend this lecture,
or call DasArts: 020-5869636
Admission free.

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