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[Nettime-nl] code31-meeting sat.8/10

Announcement :: Code31 meeting

!!    Third meeting next saturday 8th of October
       starts at 14.00 until 21something CET
       at nadine.be - herderstraat 30 rue du berger - elsene


[ Special invite : elpueblodechina / sonia cillari : Wooing Disruption ]

   -- Our body doesnʼt end at our skin.
      There is just the illusion of boundary
      between our insides and the outside.  --

    In this performance Sonia Cillari and elpueblodechina will present their
    work on emotional structures which are actualizations of inner spaces, and
    whose skins are referring specifically to a certain dynamism of language.
    This is related to body and gesture, operating signs that surpass the
    individual recollection, and exchange between subjectivities which are
    influencing and transforming each other.

    A performance -- following a score made out of gestures and
    interferences, while looking for ways to amplify synchronization and

    talk(afternoon)/performance(evening / starting at about 20h)


short resume of some activities:

[ ADC ] -- analog to digital conversion primer --
    we'll setup a 16 channel lightsensor and hook it
    up to puredata - interfacing soundsynthesis and
    triggering recorded sample playback.

[darwin streaming server]
    We continue working on the setup of our own streaming server, which
    still needs lots of testing ! We'll explain how far we got last meeting.
    We'll setup different configurations & try plenty -- this means we need ppl to do the job from
    home too ::
        so if you can't come over - at least you can make yourself useful connecting :-)
        irc to freenode.net -- channel #code31 during meeting hours

    as always there will be food (vegan) from 18.00 for people attending the meeting,
    please drop an email if you're coming over / so we know how many of you to expect :


    bring your own treats for shared pleasure

general info / next meetings:

    22nd of Oct; 5th of Nov; 19th of Nov; 3rd of Dec; 17th of Dec;
    (always saturday-afternoon - every two weeks):

Code31 organizes a special series of meetings --
related to the XmedK workshops organized by nadine, foam and okno.

Everyone interested can find a two-weekly meeting place :
we' ll do a follow up of research and developments, initiated
during the workshops, inviting artists/coders/engineers for
greater know-how (and devotion :-)

True to our principles - we'll give everyone a chance to present
their work during a "Proof of concept" session, discuss your
idea's on installations - to a public of artists/tech/DIY -
so you will find a place to question/listen/talk/solve your work
in progress.

more about XmedK = http://www.nadine.be/xmedk 

XmedK workshops topics & dates are :
speech synthesis (17th-21th Oct), algorithmic art (7-11 Nov), food  (12-17th of Dec) (25th-31 Oct)

if you are interested, but can't be there check our chat (freenode.net / channel #code31)
or our website (http://code31.lahaag.org) for stream(s).


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