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[Nettime-nl] cut.up.magazine special issue on netporn special issue on the art and politics of netporn

In cooperation with the Institute of Network Cultures, ( has produced a special issue on the art and politics of netporn. Although a growing number of theoretical and historical porn studies have appeared over the last decades, few have focused on the analysis of netporn as complex networks and its embedment within digital media environments. By publishing five new articles based on original research online and freely accessible to all, we hope to contribute to a climate of critical research surrounding the topic of netporn.

The five new articles are:
- Nishant Shah, “Playblog: Pornography, Performance, and Cyberspace”
- Manuel Bonik and Andreas Schaale, “The Naked Truth: Internet-Eroticism and The Search”
- Bert de Muynck, “The Art of Adult Architecture or the Politics of Pornographic Planning“
- Tim Noonan, “Netporn and the Politics of Disability: A Catalyst for Access, Inclusion and Acceptance”
- Mireille Miller-Young, “’Because I’m Sexy and Smart!’: Black Web Mistresses Hack Cyberporn”

Publication data:
“Special Issue: The Art and Politics of Netporn”, ed. by Bas van Heur,, issue 20 (2005).
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