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[Nettime-nl] vandaag: at Sl@Lounge@SCII (Modified by GeertLovink)

* at Sl@Lounge*
18hrs Thursday 21st April

- Serpica Naro 2005

Join us in the lead up to EuroMayday005 at the SlackersLounge@SCII for 
informal presentation and discussion with CzCat (Reload/Chainworkers) of
Serpica Naro - a media hoax coordinated by precarity activists in the
Reload hacklab, Milan.

Serpica Naro (an anagram of San Precario) is an unreal fashion designer
that was entered into this years Milan Fashion Week and featured on the
catwalks alongside the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Calvin Klein under
the title "Precarity is in fashion". Serpica Naro is now to be used as 
identity whereby an 'ongoing laboratory of style' will be realised 
the Reload hacklab. CzCat will bring the latest footage and news of this
project and how it is going.

SlackersLounge@SCII / Flexmens / The Greenpepper Project /
ASCII / The Operating Theatre

WHAT IS THE SlackersLounge@SCII
Gavin, Kernow and Patrice, and a few friends around the Greenpepper
Project are doing the thursday shift at @SCII cafe under the name of
'SlackersLounge@SCII'. They serve various (and delicious) oriental teas
and sweets and generally strive to create a cosy relaxing atmosphere.
Every now and then a smallish programme will be set up (talks, films
performances perhaps), but we keep it low-key and loungy. We also try to
have some good reading material available on the 'sofa side' so you need
not to spend all your time behind a keyboard and in front of a screen.
Material and immaterial donations are welcome.

Every Thursday from 2 to 7 pm
Javastraat 38hs,
Amsterdam-Oost ('Indische Buurt')

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