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[Nettime-nl] workshop collective memories by C A L C and On Line

beste, graag had ik volgende workshop aangekondigd :

we are pleased to invite you for
a variable-sessions international-oriented workshop
around 'geografica affettiva and the mapping of memories'
organised by On Line and C A L C.

between the 25th and 30th of april.

the workshop takes place at On Line - Spijkstraat 1 B9000 Gent

with this workshop we aim to question the importance and relations between
personal and collective memories.
using the systems in development of Geagrafica Affettiva ( a digital
communications-tracing / data-gathering  memoryboard ) and On Line ( a
system for personal and collective archivation and exploration ) and with
the help of some highly qualified international lecturers and attendants we
will have a close theoretical and pragmatical dissection of the ethics,
uses, copyright-problematics and experimental subjective interfaces for
creating and using a system for gathering a personal and collective past
present future. 
all possibly related parties - artists, curators, writers, developpers,
sociologists, librarians, ... - are welcome to join this meeting.
the participants will be split in different groups depending on the days
they can be participate.
small guest-lectures will be given by some of the participating
international artists and writers.

after previous installments in the fondazione pistoletto and bureau des
compétences, geanet lands in belgium for its final installment.

looking at geografia affettiva with this platonic spatial view and playing
conceptual with its telematic feasibilities and On Line with its huge amount
of tracing data provokes some interesting questions and possibilities.

how can we remember something if this something is absent? if we look at
Socrates with his board of wax -a gift from Mnemosyne, the mother of all
muses-, in which memories can imprint themselves like from a signet ring.
whatever leaves an impression can be remembered until this impression is
fading and oblivion initiates. so we ask ourselves: do we have collective
wax boards? do we need them? is our memory getting ³better² because we can
outsource it into an artificial kind of screen-brain which doesn¹t fade out?
or should on the contrary a system like that also have a facility to forget?
and first of all; what shall that be: a collective memory?

if memory is the mother of all muses and an individual memory only can be
formed via social interaction, then what happens if this interaction can be
mapped and contexts be seen as a net cartography of these interactions? do
our relations change and does our identity? what happens to what we call
past and presence? and does the system help to project the future?

check > www. geografiaffettiva.net for more detailed info and pictures.

the answers / results will be left as a kind of installation of spatial
memory that will be visible at several locations - Time Festival, Richard
Foncke Gallery, ...
the synthesis of the workshop will be written down and will be translated
into a usable development-paper for all participants, interested
organisations, geograficaaffettiva.net and kunstonline.info.
the evolution of the workshop and possible results will be presented on the
websites of On Line and C A L C and in a little publication published by On
Line directly after.

due to the universal nature of the questions surrounding this workshop,
participants of different motivation and professional experience can take
there is no admission fee and the workshop will use English as the main
a detailed program will be mailed as soon as people subscribe.
a maximum of 20 participants each day will be allowed and accommodation will
be provided for international or far-from-us participants if necessary.

send your application providing - name, mail, preffered days to participate,
questions you might have, ... - to info@kunstonline.info

we hope to welcome you.

related links 
> www.calcaxy.com
> www.geografiaffettiva.net
> www.kunstonline.info
> www.calcaxy.com/calc/2004/librito.pdf
> www.skype.com
> www.puredata.org
> www.rfgonline.be

related contacts
On Line vzw
Lieve Foncke - Jan Mast - Eva Booms
> info@kunstonline.info
+32 92288096
Spijkstraat 1
Belgium 9000 Gent

Teresa Alonso Novo, Tomi Scheiderbauer, Malex Spiegel, Reto Stebler
l a p a n a d e r i a
Rubén Alonso Mallén - Eva Morales Soler - David Cañavate Cazorla
> calc@calcaxy.com
+34 954419305
Calle Garcie Fernandez 20
Spain 41008 Sevilla

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