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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Announcement Reaktor Workshop by FX Randomiz

STEIM presents: Reaktor workshop

On April 25 through April 28 FX Randomiz will give a workshop on 

The workshop will be hands-on, alternating between fx presenting 
different aspects of Reaktor, and the participants working on their 
computer to try out things.

The workshop will concentrate on creative sample processing with 
Reaktor and therefore on building and reverse engineering specific 
ensembles for that aim.

We will learn about the vast possibilities when working with Reaktor 
not as a plugin, but as a standalone tool for creating and manipulation 
loops and samples. The so called destructive editing offers sonic 
results that are not possible otherwise, and it opens up a quite 
different way to interact with other sound processing software.

"On the first day I plan to give a brief introduction in the modules 
and building blocks of Reaktor, so that also beginners can follow the 
next days. I will present a selection of existing sample-processing 
ensembles and will also show how to build recording-devices into 
existing ensembles, that adjust themselves to the tempo of any 
sample-loop you load. They also alow a very quick way to resample the 
sonic output and immediately use it as a new sample-source - a more 
intuitive way of working than rendering or bouncing inside a host 

On day two and three we will mainly reverse engineer some ensembles and 
also go the opposite way of adding functions to existing ensembles. In 
a workshop of a few days this makes more sense than building a simple 
ensemble from the ground up, as this way we can handle more complex 
structures and keep it interesting for beginners as well as experienced 
reaktor users.
I have selected some of my own and manipulated ensembles for that 
purpose, where all but one of them you will not find in the library: 
two sample processors that create a great variety of sample loops out 
of other sample loops and can even be used as composition tools; one 
live tool, based on realtime manipulation and stacking of sample-loops; 
one sample based drum machine that offers compositional tools similar 
to the now popular chaos designer; one resampling and re-recording 
device for quick destructive editing like described above.
Often some easy tricks raise the potential of an ensemble exponentialy, 
often some small addition makes working with a tool much more 
comfortable. One major goal is to learn how to quickly adjust ready 
made ensembles to your own needs and fit them to your own musical 
thinking and working.

On day four we'll kind of get back to the beginning and explore how the 
newly created tools can interact with each other to get to small 
compositions made entirely with Reaktor as a standalone program. Where 
needed, even in the process of creating music we can still insert 
useful functions into the ensembles as part of the compositional 
process. The results will be used as sources inside the live tool for a 
big jam session all together."

Date: April 25 - 28 2005
Time: 10:00h - 16:00h
Place: STEIM (achtergracht 19 / amsterdam)
Cost: € 160 (beginner & advanced) / €120 (advanced)

People can register for the workshop in two ways:
* for the full workshop (beginner & advanced, 4 days, € 160)
* for the advanced workshop (april 26 - 28, € 120)

For the advanced workshop people will need to have a basic knowledge of 

Participants will need to bring their own computer with Reaktor. Please 
contact workshops [at] steim [dot] nl if you're interested in this 
workshop but you don't have a laptop or Reaktor, and we can see what we 
can arrange.

Registration can only be done through the STEIM website.
Be sure to mention the type of workshop you want to attend.

For more information you can email workshops [at] steim [dot] nl.
Please let others interested know about this workshop.

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