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[Nettime-nl] floss in design seminar, @v2, 19 mei

Freestyle - FLOSS In Design
A seminar on Free, Libre and Open Source Software in Design 

Time: 10.30-17.00

Date: Wednesday 19th May, 2004

Cost: 5euro, 2.50euro concessions

Location: V2 Eendrachtstraat 10, Rotterdam

Over the last few years ‘Free Libre and Open Source Software’ FLOSS, a
form of collaborative software development has proven itself as a
driving force of digital networks, especially the internet. Now this
approach is beginning to open up new approaches in design and visual
culture. This seminar will present clear information on this software
and how it both challenges and provides new opportunities for media

Art and design work using computers can often get stuck in the use of
the same old tools. One thing that FLOSS does is to allow for new ideas
to become software on a much faster timescale and with less reliance on
conforming to a ‘mass’ market. Learning design increasingly means
learning to use the applications of a smaller and smaller amount of
companies. FLOSS offers one possibility for escaping such a trap.

At the same time FLOSS itself could do with a good dose of design. Born
as it is through the energy and imagination of software developers,
FLOSS can in some cases fall behind in meeting the needs of users who
aren’t also programmers. On the one hand this creates an important
demand for greater technical literacy amongst users, but it also means
that interfaces to, for instance, cultural practices, need creating.

The morning session will present an introduction to FLOSS software in
design. The emphasis is on a realistic survey of the possibilities this
way of working is opening up. 

The afternoon will present a number of case studies. Artists and
designers using FLOSS software will show and talk about the tools they
work with, the culture of use of the software. Software developers will
present their projects and open them up to questions and debate.

Confirmed speakers:

Kit Blake – Silva, content management system, Rotterdam;

Erik Dooper - Open Source Software Lab, Amsterdam, will demo Scribus,
SodiPodi and Inkscape.

Rishab Aiyer Ghosh - Economist and editor of FirstMonday, Maastricht;

Graham Harwood - artist, London, speaking about The GIMP

Jaromil - GNU/Linux developer, South Italy, currently resident at
Montevideo, Amsterdam; Dynebolic,

Roger Teeuwen – Graphic Designer, Rotterdam

Other speakers are to be confirmed.

This seminar is jointly held by:

Media Design Research, Piet Zwart Institute, the institute for
postgraduate studies and research of the Willem de Kooning Academy
Hogeschool Rotterdam Interactive Media,
Hogeschool van Amsterdam V2_Organisation, Institute for the Unstable

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